Get started back into fitness this year the PreKure way!

We’ve put together for you a little pack containing:

  1. Our PreKure Fitness Guidelines – based on science
  2. Beginners to intermediate level 3 Week Fitness Plan –  to help get you into #fitnessismedicine.
  3. One page Fitness Diary to track your activity and progress

Download and print our 3 Week Fitness Plan here, and get started today.

It’s a good idea to find a friend to do this with too. It’s much easier and more fun if you have the support of others. In fact, you could start looking around for a team to register and join in on our FREE PreKure Habits program starting on Monday 4th February.  

By doing this 3 Week Fitness Plan now, you’ll have a head start when the challenge begins!

Click here for more info on our PreKure Habits Challenge.

These are the core movements that make up the PreKure Fitness plan.

Watch Toby Adlam – our intern here at PreKure – show you how to do each movement with great technique so you get the most out of your workouts.

How to do Squats

How to do a Plank with Hand Raise

How to do Step-Ups

How to do Push-Ups

How to do a Back Extension

How to do Burpees