I like to start with the ‘why’. Simon Sinek is quite big in the business world, and he talks about if you started a new business or venture, actually – before you go very far – understand what the purpose is and why you want to do it.

Sometimes when we talk about ‘why’, it can be a little bit superficial. If we ask, ‘Why would you like to do it?’, we might get a flippant answer like, ‘Oh, I’d like to lose a bit of weight’ or ‘I’d like to get my diabetes under control’. But I would suggest, in terms of behaviour change – that’s not enough. We need to dig deeper. We’ve got to get to the emotional heart of the issue, and there are two things we’re looking for.

“We’re either looking for our client’s or patient’s highest aspiration or their deepest fear.”


This clip is from a Q&A about Behaviour change in PK202: The Practice of Low Carb & Ketogenic Nutrition