Confidence is Attractive

Confidence is attractive. Yes this might apply to someone you’re attracted to but it also applies to your business. When someone speaks with confidence we feel a greater sense of trust and security in what they are saying. This works regardless of whether the person actually knows what they are talking about. Have you heard about the yellow vest experiment? The yellow vest experiment is where an individual who is wearing a highlighted yellow vest is granted access into areas where they are certainly not allowed to be. For example, they waltz into the VIP area in a rock concert and no one says a word, just because they are wearing a hi-visibility vest and acting with confidence. While we are definitely not condoning that sort of behaviour, it is an absolute testament to just how far confidence can take you. 

Kent Johns is a health coach who has started his own practice. He is a living, breathing example and advocate for using confidence to secure clients and to be an authentic presence. When you speak with Kent you can feel his belief in what he is saying and that he means it. Although this engaged, enthusiastic and well spoken coach is glaringly obvious from the outside, by his own admission, “behind the scenes I’m not that confident” especially with the business side of things. However, this upfront confidence provides opportunities that he would have otherwise never have received if he was unsure or afraid to discuss what he can offer. After he has had a conversation, he might think well, I have never worked with someone like this before or I need to do some more research into this area and he can do this, but most importantly, the ground work is done. 

The difference between Kent and the person wearing the yellow vest is that Kent’s confidence is not ungrounded. Kent knows and trusts his training and ability as a health coach as he has had world class training. This model of self presentation provides opportunity, enables learning and in Kent’s words “to apply the stuff I’m really good at with the stuff that I’m unsure about”. Just as we don’t want to be that person that walks around all confident but actually has no ability, we don’t want to be a person that has all the ability but none of the confidence. The truth is, most of us are quite humble people, we would rather underpromise and overdeliver. However, this isn’t a viable strategy to capitalise opportunities that we may be presented with. Striking a better balance between our confidence and ability will help us to flourish because we have something really valuable to offer. 

This is where we can learn something from Kent. Projecting confidence not because it is false but because we have trust in our coaching ability and training we’ve undergone. Remember, confidence is attractive, especially when you know you can back it up.


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