By the PreKure Team


How can we manage ourselves in this period of fear, insecurity and unpredictability? Here are 7 practical tips, in the form of questions. Remember there will also be times of strength and love and confidence.


1. What am I grateful for today?

Check in and ask yourself this from a perspective of gratitude. Try to recognise what is going okay today. There might be some days when very little, or nothing, is going okay and as people get more and more sick, there might be even less, but try to recognise something.


2. Who am I checking in with today and who am I connecting with?

The notion around physical distancing is so important in order to halt and prevent the spread of this disease, but physical and social distancing doesn’t mean we need to remove social connection and emotional connection with others. There are ways that we can still be physically social – distant, but emotionally connected. By asking ourselves, who am I going to check in with today and who am I going to connect with, and then doing it, we’re able to build that emotional connectedness in a socially distanced world.


3. What expectations of normal am I letting go of today?

This can be really hard. It’s like our world, in many ways, has been flipped upside down. The expectations of 2020 have been totally disrupted, let alone the expectations of tomorrow. With our lives changing so dynamically and unpredictably, ask yourself what expectations of normal you’re able to let go of and change today.


4. How am I getting some sunshine and getting outside?

If there is sun, that’s great. If there isn’t, still try to get a bit of fresh air, while still maintaining physical and social distancing. Even if it’s just getting your head out the window and taking some deep breaths.


5. How am I getting some exercise today?

There’s a variety of virtual gyms that have sprung up online and some fitness personalities are running classes on Instagram, Facebook and the like, where you don’t have to leave your house to exercise. If you have a little garden or terrace, go out there and get some movement happening. What else can you do to move your body and get a bit of fresh air?


6. What healthy food am I feeding my body today and how will I prioritise my sleep?

Now is not the time for eating lots of crappy food. It is not the time to be drinking a lot of alcohol. It is not the time to be staying up half the night. Your immune system is your body’s last line of defence against COVID-19. Keep it functioning optimally by eating healthy food, eliminating or reducing alcohol and giving yourself an 8-9 hour sleep opportunity every night. 


7. How can I create, curate or ignite some beauty in the world today?

This might be sharing something that you do and posting it online; it might be supporting a loved one, in person or virtually; it might be doing a post online, sharing how you feel or responding to someone else; it might be reaching out to a healthcare worker. There’s so many ways for us to create beauty, gratitude and build support within our community.

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