What is PREKURE: Diabetes?

It’s a 3-week programme designed for you to learn about diabetes. You’ll learn by following daily learning and you’ll also learn by doing. The programme is based on the latest science and low-carb and keto diet principles, which are the most successful in managing diabetes and prediabetes.



Who should do this programme?

Anyone who

  • has a diagnosis of diabetes from their doctor
  • has prediabetes
  • is insulin resistant, because that is pre-prediabetes
  • wants a keto or low-carb reset. They might not have diabetes or be insulin resistant, but they’re helping other people along that journey.


What does insulin resistance mean?

If you’re insulin resistant, you will probably have some of the following characteristics:

  • You will have struggled with your weight your whole life.
  • You feel lethargic.
  • You gain weight easily.
  • You struggle to lose weight when you try hard to get it off.


Who should not do this programme?

This programme is not suitable for:

  • People with type 1 diabetes. If you’re using lifestyle and diet to manage type 1 diabetes, you’ll need some closer medical supervision.
  • Pregnant women
  • Children and teenagers under 18 years of age


How am I going to feel and what difference am I going to notice at the end of the three weeks?

Hopefully, you’re going to feel awesome! This programme has four components – Track, Connect, Learn, Do.

Track – We’re going to ask you for your baseline health information, and we’re going to keep an eye on that with you. You’re going to see some substantial changes of your blood glucose, your waist measurement, your weight and your overall energy levels.

Connect –  You’re going to be involved with other people. We’ll ask you to connect with and support others in the programme. Also drag people along with you, that can help and support you, and you can help and support them.

Learn – You’re going to learn some new stuff! The learning in the programme is based on the latest science and the latest best practice. You’ll hear from PreKure’s whole faculty, including two absolute gurus in this field, in terms of medical practice with reversing diabetes – Dr Lily Fraser and Dr Glen Davies. These two GPs have helped hundreds of people change their lives for the better, in particular people who have had trouble with their blood sugar and their weight their whole life.

Do – We’ve got recipes for you. We’ve got food guides to follow. We make it really easy to do this.


Learn by doing. You will not regret this. It will change your life.