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Sarah Ahern

Hi my name is Sarah!

I'm a certified Metabolic Nutrition Coach, Diabetes Coach and Weight Loss Coach.

I am passionate about helping my clients improve and restore their health, lose weight, reverse T2D and other health conditions by adopting the low carb/ketogenic lifestyle.

For the last 50 years we have been misled with the dietary advice we have been given. We have an epidemic of T2D and many other lifestyle diseases.  We have followed the advice, but our health continues to decline. Our food environment has changed dramatically. The supermarkets are filled with so called "healthy foods", but are only filled with more sugar and are highly processed. These foods often have little to no nutritional value whatsoever.

We don't have a health system, we have a sickness system. We have been given medications that only act as a bandaid. No medications have ever cured a disease.

My passion and purpose is to help you achieve optimal health not only through nutrition, but lifestyle too.

I will help you improve your relationship with food and help repair your "diet" mindset. I will help you put the knowledge into action, by teaching you how to build sustainable habits, to make this not another "diet", but a lifestyle.

We only have one life. The choices we make today will impact the outcome of our health in the future.

I am passionate about group coaching, building supportive communities, that help empower and support each other throughout their journey. Being around like-minded people that maybe sharing some of the same challenges as each other can be very helpful and empowering for making positive change. I offer one to one coaching as well.

Health is our greatest wealth, You don't need to settle for anything less.

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Metabolic Switch
Nutrition & Metabolic Health Coach
Diabetes Coach, Metabolic Health Coach


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1/40 Jane Eyre Drive
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