For the second episode of Flippin Health’s podcasts, Grant and George are accompanied by Libby Jenkinson. She is the founder of Ditch the Carbs. She is also a pharmacist and a mother of three.

What is Ditch the Carbs?

Ditch the Carbs is a recipe website where Libby also shares articles, tips, videos, and practical advice on how to start a low-carb diet and teaches about its advantages. Libby, who used to be a registered pharmacist, now dedicates her time to Ditch the Carbs. She loves helping people, especially families, in their low-carb nutrition diet.

What used to be a small platform now has roughly two and a half million page views and a million monthly visitors! Go Libby!

Libby Jenkinson’s Nutrition Journey

Libby’s interest in nutrition started after attending seminars at AUT on low-carb nutrition. It was where she became aware of the state of the world of nutrition. She was also introduced to how low-carb works, the bad side of the Standard American diet, and modern diseases related to nutrition. It was then that she decided that she wanted her family to practice and become low-carb.

While her kids took a little bit longer and there was a lot of “kicking and screaming”, they now enjoy the lifestyle. They have also learned to love eating food that nourishes, compared to what they ate before.

From Pharmacist to Ditch the Carbs Low-Carb Specialist

Ditch the Carbs started as a hobby for then-pharmacist Libby. Her “light bulb moment” happened when she attended Low-Carb Down Under event in Auckland. Seeing worldwide experts and hearing the science surrounding low-carb diet fascinated Libby. She started step-wise and gradually built the website. It eventually received feedback from people who found it useful and helpful.

Now, the website also has resources for free books, e-books, and articles among others. Libby wants “the majority of her resources to be free for all.”

A “Sick Care System”

According to the former pharmacist, the healthcare system is “fairly comprehensive”. It has its primary, secondary, and tertiary care. However, Libby thinks that instead of being a health care system, it’s a “sick care system.” She believes what’s needed are lifestyle interventions, giving patients options that aren’t just surgery and drugs. As Libby states, “There is this gap between what patients would like to have, this extra advice and given the options which currently aren’t being given.”

Health Behaviour Struggles towards Ditch the Carbs

Libby was never a fan of running but has slowly started. She first started by googling ‘how to start running’ and addressing her diet and food. However, what Libby struggles with is the attitude from friends, family, and the media towards aspects such as low-carb diets. Many people think it’s ridiculous and mock the people, calling them “fitness freaks.”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, you should be proud to look after your health… I’m not telling anyone else to do it. If you come to my page great, I’ll help you, but I’m not going out there being overzealous telling everyone to do it.”

George Henderson also gave his insight, saying that the reaction from others is like a “defence”. It’s their resistance to it because they know they should be doing it but don’t have any idea how to.

The “backlash” is also something Libby doesn’t get too fussed over, “I kind of think ‘live and let live’ and if that’s working for you great, go for it, but if it doesn’t work you then do what does work for you!”

Going Alcohol-Free

Libby has also started a “little challenge” of going alcohol-free. Libby usually goes for wine and low-carb beers. But not this year! In terms of challenges, Libby says, “I think people need to go into them thinking they’re not some kind of weird, wacky, gimmicky thing. They’re n=1 experiments to see if you feel better or worse”.

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