The Future of Health

“I think there is a massive opportunity for leaders within health to really open their minds about how we can do things differently.”

Dr Carlo Bellini, PreKure’s Lead Coach, takes us on a journey from Perth to Oxford, from medical studies to consulting work, through Silicon Valley and artificial intelligence, to the oil industry and its perspective on health.

Carlo miraculously escaped unharmed from a car accident while travelling in New Zealand. This provoked a lot of thought and consideration for him. “When you die, when it’s all over, you either did it or you didn’t.”

Carlo also talks about his own experience of going on a keto diet and being confronted with the science around low-carb. “It’s the opposite of everything I’ve been taught. It’s a challenge and a process.”

The health care sector is going to significantly change in the next 10 years, because of exponential change, the use of data and artificial intelligence.
“Going forward, there is a massive opportunity in the broader world of health care, around connecting dots in a different way than we have before, and impacting people’s lives.”

“I do believe mindset is in many ways the most important thing. I made this decision that I am ‘Healthy Carlo’. I’m not ‘Unfit Carlo’ trying to become ‘Healthy Carlo’. I am healthy so I just make decisions as if I was already as healthy as I can be. It’s powerful.”