For our first ever episode of the first season of the Flippin Health Podcast, we’ve got Grant Schofield and George Henderson on air.

What exactly is Flippin Health?

As Grant and George explain, Flippin Health is an arm of PreKure, which is a wordplay on “prevention is cure.” The aim of Flippin Health is to challenge modern medicine.

All over the world, especially in the most developed countries, people spend a lot of money on treating sickness. Billions of dollars are spent to create a drug that is marginally superior and people are encouraged to spend on that. However, very few of these drugs can actually cure the disease and stop it altogether. And with that, it’s evident that the reality is that we have a very poorly developed health system.

That’s what Flippin Health wants to work on and challenge. And so we bring experts from around the world to talk about how we can improve that poor health system and improve it through what, when, and how we eat; physical activity and its benefits; sleep and its effect on our health; aspects of psychology and other lifestyle and prevention medicine techniques.

Polluted Health Information

In this age where information is easily accessible, we’re far from being short of it. In fact, the abundance of information overwhelms us. How do we even know if the information we receive is true?

In fact, we can say our health information is polluted — by confused people, people with ideologies that are non-health, and people with a vested interest.

However, the modern health system isn’t all that bad. There’s been an evident improvement especially in how accident victims are being cared for, dental health, cancer regimes, antibiotics, among others.

What’s Not Working Well

Specifically, what isn’t working well is that there isn’t much investment to help people become more active and influence society to move rather than just sit around.

There’s also confusion in research, public health messaging, and the involvement of the food industry when it comes to nutrition. There’s also a lack of discussion about sleep, to name a few topics we need to address.

George Henderson’s Story

A musician, George Henderson admits to being a “hippie drug user”, eventually getting hepatitis C. But being originally interested in health, George took the time to look up some textbooks at the med school library. It was then that he learned how nutrition related to the liver’s health. He then started to take supplements and eventually stopped taking them after reading books by Dr. Atkins and Dr. Michael Eid’s. Now, he is clear of the virus.

Grant Schofield’s Story

After venturing into psychology, Grant eventually moved into public health. It was then that Grant witnessed how people responded poorly when it came to diabetes and obesity. And so Grant wrote the What The Fat? book. He is now the Director of The Centre for Human Potential at AUT University and former Chief Scientific Advisor to the Ministry of Education in New Zealand. He has author an co-author of 4 best-selling books.

The Road to Flippin Health

In summary, PreKure aims to construct those frameworks and help people to think, but at the same time provide ways to interpret the evidence so that people can understand where things are going.

For the next few years of Flippin Health, George and Grant will continue having more people into the show who have the prevention medicine goals and ideas.

The Next Flippin Health Podcast

For the next podcast, George and Grant are bringing in Libby Jenkinson, a pharmacist extraordinaire who has changed how the world eats. So, stay tuned and continue listening to future podcasts.

“Together we can change medicine for the better. Change medicine for good.”

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