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Jody Bund is the true definition of a health change-maker. After years of excelling as a business consultant, her transition into health coaching was driven by a profound desire to integrate her business expertise with her commitment to lifestyle medicine. Collaborating closely with a doctor and a dietitian, Jody helped establish a specialised low-carb ketogenic medical practice that stands out for its holistic and scientifically-backed approach to health management. Read on for Jody’s inspiring story.

The Shift: From Consulting to Coaching

I spent over two decades working as a business consultant, supporting private practice owners across Australia. This role polished my skills in strategy and business development but left me yearning for a more direct impact on individual lives. The leap into health coaching was fueled by my desire to marry my business skills with my passion for lifestyle medicine, and create more profound and positive influence on people’s lives.

The Launch of Low Carb Keto Health

During my training with PREKURE, I immersed myself in the intricacies of lifestyle medicine while building a network with like-minded health professionals. This foundation was crucial in establishing the ‘Low Carb Keto Health clinic. As a co-founder, I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved. Our clinic is more than just a medical practice; it’s a collaborative powerhouse featuring doctors, dietitians, and health coaches, all working in unison to offer comprehensive, medically supervised lifestyle modifications.

Low Carb Keto Health Team

A Day in My Life as a Professional Health Coaching Business Leader

My week is a blend of strategic leadership and hands-on coaching. I spend one day a week as the Managing Director of our clinic, steering our business towards sustainable growth and innovation. The rest of my time is dedicated to coaching and mentoring our team of PREKURE Certified Health Coaches, ensuring they are equipped to deliver exceptional care.

Our signature 12-week program showcases the synergy between our team members as we manage clients’ health holistically and blend medically supervised nutrition therapy with coaching to support clients on their journey to better health. Together, we are making more of an impact than what we could ever make on our own. We share client notes, we do in-person handovers, we respond to client sick days and we collectively celebrate client successes. It’s super powerful!

Challenges and Triumphs

Starting up was as challenging as it was rewarding. The initial stages of growing our client base tested our resilience. However, our commitment to creating a financially viable model that places health coaches at the core of clinical services has set us apart. Our discussions constantly revolve around optimising the health coach’s role to add unmatched value to our clients’ journeys.

The PREKURE Difference

The PREKURE training experience has provided me with the most wonderful, supportive and intellectually stimulating community to be part of. The people I’ve had the pleasure to connect with, to have conversations with, to learn from and to be supported by have just been phenomenal. The lifestyle medicine curriculum and resources have provided me with a library of knowledge at my fingertips and I have proactively used this information to support clients on their journey and also in the development of our health coach team. I know whatever I’m faced with in the ‘real-world’ as a coach, if I get stuck I will always have someone to support me and, somewhere to go. Within the PREKURE community, I’ve seen first-hand how ‘together’ we can make a bigger difference. We apply the collaboration philosophy every day in our Low Carb Keto Health clinic and we love it! Together we can do so much more.

Jody Bund PREKURE Health Coach

The Personal Impact

Transforming into a role as a clinic business owner has been the most rewarding phase of my professional life. It’s a role that tests my limits and constantly pushes me to innovate. Every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead a change in Australian healthcare, crafting a future where health coaching is integral to patient care.

A Vision for the Future

Our vision is to re-write the health story of Australians! Imagine hundreds of low carb collaboration clinics scattered all around Australia – that’s our goal and I’m excited!

What Advice Would you Offer Aspiring Health Coaches? 

If you’re passionate about health and wellness or you’ve had your own health journey and you can see there is a ‘better way’, consider health coaching as a pathway to open new doors in your life and career. You may not know exactly what a career as a health coach looks like right now but, be patient. With your new learning, a supporting community and, self-belief, the stars will align✨

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