News you can use! The Good News Show is PreKure’s response to the mainstream bad news, which is appealing to your reptilian midbrain and your negativity bias. Instead, we bring you tools for a happy, healthy good life. 

The Good News Show is brought to you by Professor Grant Schofield, Director of The Centre for Human Potential at Auckland University of Technology and PreKure Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer. 

In this week’s Good News: 

For curious minds: Good news – sleep is good for you! Want to learn more about the biology of sleep? Check out Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker. It’s an absolute cracker of a read and a great starting point in understanding the latest biology, techniques, tips & tricks in getting a good night’s sleep.

Better life in a minute: What’s on your to do list? Are you working towards your strengths everyday? A new technique in positive psychology, the VIA strengths inventory, can help you understand the character strengths that you value and enjoy doing the most. 

Science in a minute: Great science in a minute news – scientists have released a meta-analysis showing clear evidence of the positive effects of exercise on depression, with up to 3 times more effectiveness than antidepressants. 

There’s also new news out about how nutrients might affect your brain and your mental health.

Trials showing the quality of people’s food can fundamentally affect depressive and anxiety symptoms. 

And in more good news – getting hot can have a profound effect on your health. Prospective studies show big effects from hot saunas on longevity where the stressful environment responds by building a better, stronger body.

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