Amy Mayhill - Health Coach

The amazing Amy Mayhill is our PreKure Grad of the week!

Amy, based in Sydney, has recently started a new program, aimed at empowering young woman. We can’t wait to see where this takes you Amy, and how much you will change the lives of many young women. See more below and how to get involved!

Words from Amy:

I have started Fun Day Coaching to help shy and lost teenage girls to build their self-confidence & become more open to trying new things and have a lot more ‘Fun Days!’

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How did you originally become interested in health and lifestyle medicine?

I originally went to an essential oils workshop in Bondi (where else?!) and heard the term ‘life coach’ for the first time and started to look into a bit more. It took me about 4-5 years after that to realize this was the path I wanted to take!


How has becoming a PreKureCertified Health Coach impacted your life?
Becoming a health coach has opened my eyes to be a more curious and less judgemental person. It’s also interesting to sit back and watch people dive deep within themselves with very little prodding.

Would you like to share any client success stories or a big ‘aha’ moment in your coaching career?
One of my clients had a few different issues in different areas of their life and we were able to pinpoint that they all stemmed from an underlying feeling of guilt. It was more of an ‘aha’ moment for my client, but watching it play out in front of me was awesome!

What advice do you have for others thinking about starting their study journey with PreKure?

I’d recommend getting clear about WHY you want to study and then make sure PreKure is the right fit. I looked at every health and life coaching program out there and I share the same values as PreKure, so signed up.


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