Thank you, Darren, you’ve given me back my man!

It is feedback like this from the wives and partners of his clients, or the clients themselves, that gets Darren Cash up in the morning!

Darren is both a Certified Health Coach and Consultant Civil Engineer. Putting these skills together, he uses his analytical mind in his coaching practice, to help other middle-aged blokes, in busy professional careers, from feeling “fat, tired and grumpy”.

Darren had always been that “health nut” in the office, competing in endurance multi-sport events, ocean swims, or long distance bike races. But, even with all this exercise, he was still carrying around 10kg and three extra pants sizes at the young age of 30. Now, closer to 50, using his own experience, and his PreKure and Primal Health Coach Institute Certifications, he has figured out how to help guys reverse the middle-aged spread, get in control of their life and feel invigorated.

To connect with Darren, or to send your partner his way, you can check him out on LinkedIn or his website.

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