Health Coach - Jenny Malcolm
This week, we have the amazing Jenny Malcolm, as our PreKure Graduate of the Week!
Jenny’s passion lies in behaviour change and empowering her clients! She used her coaching skills from her extensive toolbox to help people understand what makes them tick. And as she says, ‘PreKure is a MOVEMENT!’ and we are so glad to have you as part of it, keep up the great work Jenny!
You can read more from Jenny here and how to connect with her below:
How did you originally become interested in health and lifestyle medicine?
Good health and longevity has been a preoccupation for me since childhood, especially a focus on exercise and food. Searching for the best of what science had to offer around these topics has consumed much of my life.
How has becoming a PreKure Certified Health Coach impacted your life?
The PreKure Health Coaching programme has been complimentary to my other Coaching and NLP qualifications, shining a different perspective and knowledge in my toolbox.

I was nicknamed the Fat Nazi for the first 40 years of my life and it was an awakening to give the low-carb approach some airtime and see the dramatic results on my health. A life long illness of asthma and hayfever has completely gone and I feel so free, after dietary and belief changes – the stories I had of WHO I was.

The big benefit I have got from the Prekure certification is the friendships, sharing of experiences and being surrounded by a supportive group of like-minded people.
Would you like to share any client success stories or a big ‘aha’ moment in your coaching career?
While I love low carb eating with a huge personal benefit, I leave nutritional coaching to my PreKure colleagues. My passion is in behaviour change, using core values, NLP techniques and EFT techniques to help people understand what makes them tick at a deep level so my clients are able to re-focus their life direction. The aim is to help them get unstuck so they can move forward. Every client has success that is important to them, and their success is what makes my role so rewarding.
I know that my clients have all the resources they already need to move forward in a positive way. My job is in facilitating bringing those resources to the surface in a way that keeps the client in the driver’s seat and empowered. Woo Hoo!
What advice do you have for others thinking about starting their study journey with PreKure?
PreKure is a MOVEMENT! Leading the way to self-ownership and responsibility for personal health.
This is just the start of a wonderful journey, whether personally or as a business. The knowledge is scientific, the PreKure community accessible and supportive. This is the future of health. What are you waiting for?
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