Telesia Fa Macnamara has combined health coaching with her personal training job – what a combo! She’s really walking the talk, by making her own lifestyle changes and now helping others do the same.

How did you originally become interested in health and lifestyle medicine?

My journey began when I migrated to New Zealand 16 years ago as a 17-year-old girl. I remember driving down Queen Street in Auckland and seeing so many lights coming at me from all angles. That scared the daylight out of me! I remember asking my family if it was Christmas all year round! They laughed and continued to the most exciting part of my first day here – the drive-through KFC! Oh yeah, they say, welcome to the best kai in town. And, OH YEAH it was! I enjoyed the first few months here familiarising myself with my new surroundings and especially having food in my belly all the time. It was a culture shock, and an experience I won’t forget. Anyhow, long story short, as exciting as I was about my new home, I quickly became very ill and had boils on my body, which had to be surgically removed. From here, I started to be aware of how much food I was eating and how unnatural it was for my body and my overall health.


PreKure gave me the tools and confidence to be a better Health Coach.


How has becoming a PreKure Certified Health Coach impacted your life?

PreKure gave me the tools and confidence to be a better Health Coach. One of the most valuable skills has been working on my listening skills. I am now getting better at blocking out distractions so that I’m more focused on my clients. I have incorporated the knowledge and skills learned at PreKure into my current job as a personal trainer.

Would you like to share any client success stories or a big ‘aha’ moment in our coaching career?

Here is a statement from my first and current coaching practice client when I started PreKure coaching labs:

“My coaching experiences with Telesia was challenging to say the least. Being open and honest with myself and my feelings, leaving me completely vulnerable, was a first for me. It really made me aware of health in general, and in my case, my own mental health, which sadly, I had neglected/not thought of. In a time like this where we are facing extreme uncertainties, it wasn’t just my faith that helped me pull through; it was also having a dedicated time slot away from the motherhood grind, to ‘let it go’. I thoroughly enjoy my weekly sessions from Melbourne. It’s helped me rediscover myself and remain in tune with my well-being. THANK YOU, SIA!” – Elizabeth Takai

What advice do you have for others thinking about starting their journey with PreKure?

If you are thinking about it then you are already there.

To connect with Telesia, you can reach her at [email protected].

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