In our Prevention is Cure podcast, Professor Grant Schofield challenges mainstream medicine, talks with leading experts and shares the latest science and tools to have a happier and healthier life.

This season we’re talking mental health. We’ve become really concerned about the lack of translation of what science knows into what medicine does.

This episode Prof Grant Schofield talks to PREKURE’S lead Health Coach and critical care nurse, Sonya English. With 35-years experience in critical care Sonya has had what she terms “a front row seat to human tragedy”. She is uniquely placed to talk about life and death and the way we, in our Western society, deal with these concepts and could potentially do a better job of it.

In this podcast Sonya discusses how she uses health coaching techniques like curious questions, to support patients as they navigate our ‘sick care system’. Sonya explains the importance of compassion, honesty, and asking people what they really want in a system where they are often told what to do. This podcast shines a light on the importance of putting people back at the centre of our healthcare system and our approaches to treatment.

An illuminating discussion on how we should get back to treating people like people, support them in regaining their agency and give them the tools to make informed decisions. This discussion illustrates how health coaching is the formula to make this happen and allow people to regain power over their health and their life.


“I think one of the problems with our health system is that everything is in silos. People see an oncologist, they see a renal specialist, really they see a whole lot of specialists and the right hand doesn’t talk to the left” – Sonya English

Prevention is cure podcast with Prof Grant Schofield


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