Now the fact that you’ve clicked on this blog means you’re probably wondering how much a health coach earns. So let’s get straight to the point and not beat around the bush. Payscale deems the median health coach salary to be $55,000, however, averages don’t really tell the whole truth. 

This salary is based on an employed health coach with government training and does not account for the new wave of health coaches with a higher level of training. The profession is becoming increasingly popular and things are changing rapidly. The reality is that some coaches will get paid more than this and some will get less. The hourly rate of a health coach with a private practice (especially a good one) can easily fall between $100-150 per hour. This obviously works out to be higher than the median salary but also has stipulations. 

Firstly, where you land on the pay scale will have some correlation with your ability as a health coach. People who perform at a higher level and can help to invoke behaviour change with clients will be more recommended and will be able to charge more and, conversely, the opposite is also true. Not all professions are like this. Sometimes your awesome GP will get the same pay as one who really isn’t that good. This is both the up and downside of private practice. The reality is a health coach will likely not make as much as your engineers, doctors and psychologists. However, most people do not become health coaches because they think it is the way in which they can make the most amount of money possible. They do it because they want to help others unlock their full potential and live a longer time in good health. 

Secondly, as obvious as it sounds, it’s going to depend how much work and effort you put into health coaching. Although you might work 40 hours a week this doesn’t mean you will be seeing 30 clients a week. Clients may require significant preparation prior to your session which is included in the hourly rate you charge during the session. Furthermore there is certainly a capacity to the number of clients you can and should manage. This will be different for each person but any more than about 15 and things can become a bit much.

Finally, some people might tell you ‘it’s not about the money’. While this sentiment might hold true motivationally, if we are not financially sustainable then we do not have a business, we have a hobby. This relates to the idea and challenge many new health coaches face being to name their price. One of the biggest barriers we face can be ourselves, not being afraid to name our price is essential to generating revenue. People are willing to pay for service that is of a high  quality and is genuinely beneficial to their health. The good news is that health coaching ticks both of these boxes. So how much does a health coach make? Well, pardon the ambiguity but it is really up to you.


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