Some of you know Dr Caryn Zinn as the wholefood, low-carb, healthy fat dietitian. What you might not know is that she’s also been called ‘The world’s worst dietitian’. Caryn’s journey towards a low-carb approach started seven years ago when having a conversation with a colleague at the university. Since then, her research and work has been focused on the low-carb and ketogenic (keto) way of eating – based on evidence and with great results among her clients. But not everybody in academia and the wider nutrition world supported her.

Watch this video of Caryn’s talk at the PreKure Live event, held in December 2019. She’ll take you on a trip along the bumpy road from discovering low-carb and keto, being ridiculed, attacked and receiving formal complaints, to now seeing low-carb being recommended as a mainstream treatment for some conditions.

Dr Caryn Zinn is a NZ Registered Dietitian and academic at AUT University. Together with Prof Grant Schofield, Caryn is the lead instructor for PreKure’s Certificate in Advanced Nutrition.