How is your ‘staycation’ going? How are you coping? I’ve found myself in the last few days actually wanting to avoid the news because it feels like there is a lot of scaremongering and sensationalism and it’s really hard to keep my positive thoughts.

The little bit of news I did read this morning was from Sir David Attenborough, and I just loved it. This is what he had to say about COVID-19. “We don’t need to think that if you catch coronavirus you might as well jump into a grave and pull the grass up over you. If you are old like me,” (He’s 93) “or if you have respiration problems it is going to be quite serious. Of course, we know that, but at the same time we need to keep it in proportion.”

That’s his message to all of us. Remember to keep it in proportion.



Growth mindset

Let’s see if we can find a growth mindset in this. I know it’s pretty tough and, if you’re anything like me, some days you’re feeling great and positive and other days you’re not. It is a bit of a roller coaster of emotions – and that’s normal.

As humans, we are supposed to feel a whole range of emotions, including fear and anger, and happiness and sadness. So, it’s okay to let yourself feel those different emotions and it’s okay to have some days better than other days.


What makes you happy?

Being able to connect with what makes us happy is a key concept in positive psychology. It’s the simple things. For many of us at the moment, we are being given the gift of time. I know that it’s not true if you’re an essential worker or one of our health care workers, but for many of us here in New Zealand and Australia and other parts of the world, we’ve being given the gift of more time than we’ve probably ever had in recent memory.

How are we going to use that time to its best advantage? Surely, doing more of the things that bring you joy and make you happy. What makes me happy is a great cup of coffee in the morning. Walking with my husband, Grant, and our dog. Being with my children, watching their sport – although, not doing a lot of that at the moment. This morning, my 10-year-old and I jumped on our bikes and went for a little ride and we found some wild blackberry bushes. We picked – I’m not kidding you – a whole bunch of blackberries and we used them to make a dessert for our dinner. That was pretty cool. That brought me a lot of joy today. What about you? What brings you joy today?

This is what some of you have been telling me:

  • Having a purpose – even in this time of disruption, we need to have meaning
  • Exercising and getting fitter
  • Working on your business (if you’re a business owner). Using this time to really understand what needs to be done in your business, to build your goals, objectives and key results
  • Going for a walk on the beach
  • Seeing the sky, the sunrise and the sunset and watching the birds
  • Getting daily photos of the grandchildren
  • Technology – so that we can stay in touch with family and friends
  • The coffee machine
  • Walking the dog
  • Having people to reach out to when it is all too much
  • Eating with family and friends
  • Getting outdoors in the sunshine
  • Playing board games
  • A sourdough starter that is three days old


“For many people, it is not that they have aimed too high in life and missed, but rather they have aimed too low and hit.”


This might be a time to reflect on your current job and what you’re currently doing. For many people, it is not that they have aimed too high in life and missed, but rather they have aimed too low and hit. And they’ve settled.

So some of you might use this time, this gift of time, as a time for reflection – ‘Am I really living my best life? Am I really in the job that I love?’.

We will get through this. Do as Sir David Attenborough said; let’s keep this with a sense of proportion. We will be okay. Be kind to each other and use our time wisely. Do the things that give you joy every day.