Summer berry jelly

Serves 10–12 | carb count 2.6g (per serve). Recipe from What the Fat?, Schofield, Zinn & Rodger, 2017


A great recipe for the whole family to enjoy! Use prosecco for a sophisticated touch for adults, or a low-carb sparkling flavoured water for the kids. This recipe makes a beautiful flavour point for serving strawberries and cream on top of. Perfect for festive occasions, portioned and set into glasses for individual servings.



2/3 bottle (500ml) Prosecco OR sparkling water
(lime flavoured works well)
½ cup (50g) raspberries
½ cup (50g) strawberries
½ cup (50g) blackberries
½ cup (50g) blueberries
7-8 (15g) mint leaves
5 sheets gelatine
Pouring cream to serve (30ml ea)

Summer Berry Jelly


1. Soften the sheets of gelatine in cold water for 2 minutes, then remove and squeeze out the excess water.

2. Heat half of the prosecco (or your non-alcoholic low-carb alternative) and stir in the gelatine.

3. Cool for 30 minutes until fairly cold to the touch (use the fridge if necessary but try not to let the jelly set).

4. Add in the rest of the Prosecco/alternative and then pour the jelly into a lined loaf tin (half way up) or into your glasses, reserving some jelly for later. Place in the fridge for 1½ hours until beginning to set.

5. Remove from the fridge, push most of your berries into the jelly, but leave some on the surface too.

6. Pour over the rest of the jelly that was reserved earlier, and return the tin or glasses to the fridge for 3 more hours or overnight.

7. If using the tin, turn the jelly out and cut into slices for serving.

8. Serve on its own or with a garnish of pouring cream, as well as your mint leaves

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