In this episode, Prof Grant Schofield speaks with Josh Darby, a senior firefighter and trauma and psychological injury researcher.

Grant and Josh discuss Josh’s journey as a career firefighter from the early age of 16 and his own personal experience dealing with psychological trauma and injury on the job. The two also cover Josh’s pathway into academia and his extensive work in health & wellbeing research.


If you think about resilience, if I go into the gym and I don’t expose my muscles to a stressor, then to some degree I’m going to atrophy and there’s not going to be growth. By the same token, if I completely overload my muscle’s ability to cope with that weight, that stressor, then I’m going to get injured.

We’ve got these two extremes. Can we negotiate some type of compromise, some type of middle ground, where you’re being exposed to a stressor, but you’re being exposed in such a way where, it’s not completely overwhelming and won’t lead to injury. Psychologically or physically.” – Josh Darby

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This season we’re talking mental health. We’ve become really concerned about the lack of translation of what science knows into what medicine does.

Prevention is cure podcast with Prof Grant Schofield

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