In this episode Prof Grant Schofield speaks with Dr. Katie Holton a nutritional neuroscientist and professor at American University in Washington, DC.

Grant and Katie discuss how she became interested in nutrition and neuroscience and her work on optimising neurological health through diet, particularly her research on the effects of a low glutamate diet on the neurological symptoms of Gulf War Illness.

“Not only are we not seeing any negative side-affects, we see some other positive benefits like blood pressure being reduced even though we weren’t aiming to reduce blood pressure, or people losing weight who weren’t trying to lose weight at all.” – Dr. Kathleen Holton

In our Prevention is Cure podcast, Professor Grant Schofield challenges mainstream medicine, talks with leading experts and shares the latest science and tools to have a happier and healthier life.

This season we’re talking mental health. We’ve become really concerned about the lack of translation of what science knows into what medicine does.

Prevention is cure podcast with Prof Grant Schofield


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