PREKURE Open Week – July 2022

Come and discover what studying at PREKURE is all about. Join us for a week of online & interactive sessions where you’ll get to meet our world class Faculty and past students, delve into your options and explore the life-changing possibilities of studying with PREKURE.

Open Week

Introduction to the PREKURE Network

Live Zoom – Mon 18 July

Meet PREKURE Network Lead Charlie Gordon and find out everything you need to know about the post graduation professional support you’ll receive as a member of the PREKURE Network.

Open Week

Introduction to Health Coaching

Live Zoom – Tue 19 July

Meet PREKURE CEO Dr Louise Schofield and Lead Health Coach Sonya English to learn all about PREKURE’s world class Health Coach training. Find out what sets PREKURE’s training above the rest and get all your questions answered.

Open Week

Introduction to Advanced Nutrition

Live Zoom – Wed 20 July

Meet Nutrition Lead Instructor, Prof Grant Schofield, along with PREKURE Dietitian, Dr Caryn Zinn. Find out more about what our Advanced Certificate in Nutrition is all about, who it’s for and answer your burning questions.

Prof Grant Schofield

Open Week

Introduction to Advanced Mental Health

Live Zoom – Thu 21 July

Join our Mental Health Lead, Dr Ed Timings, along with PREKURE’s Registered Psychologist Sophia Dawson to learn more about what our Advanced Certificate in Mental Health is all about, who it’s for and get your questions answered in our AMA.

Dr Ed Timings

Learn more about our study pathways


Gain the latest knowledge and understanding of prevention medicine.


Learn foundational, cutting-edge nutrition that will change your life and the lives of others.

Mental Health

Learn the science of feeling good and practical tools to help others.

Who is prekure?

PREKURE provides university level online & interactive short courses & certificates in lifestyle medicine for individuals and professionals. Internationally certified in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, PREKURE’s training is led by recognised world experts and academics who share only evidence-based knowledge and tools.

Our society spends billions on sickness and very little on health. It’s time we changed our ‘medicine’.
We see a new world of medicine as preventative, customer-centric, and future- focused. It is based on thriving, not just surviving.

Lifestyle medicine is the medicine of the future. We believe that prescribing lifestyle changes to prevent chronic disease should be as easy as prescribing medication.

Together we can prevent ill-health before a cure is needed and extend the human healthspan.