In our Prevention is Cure podcast, Professor Grant Schofield challenges mainstream medicine, talks with leading experts and shares the latest science and tools to have a happier and healthier life.

This season we’re talking mental health. We’ve become really concerned about the lack of translation of what science knows into what medicine does.

“What exactly is a pracademic? This episode Prof Grant Schofield talks with Paul Taylor to answer that question. Join in as they explore the importance of rituals in behaviour change and discuss ancient Stoic philosophies of wellbeing.

Paul is an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and neuroscientist. Currently pursuing a PhD in psychology, Paul is passionate about translating the science into practice to help people identify practical tools and solutions to live a better life.

Paul explains the importance of prompts, if-then behaviours, and building self-efficacy in the behaviour change process. He gives practical examples based on his experiences with incorporating the teachings of Standford researcher and author of ‘Tiny Habits’ BJ Fogg into his own life.

Tune in as Paul delves into the teachings of ancient Stoic philosophers and discusses the similarities with common psychotherapy tools today including cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. Learn practical tools like the zone 1 and zone 2 concept that you can implement in your life today.


“The Stoics are all about conditioning the mind and the body to deal with whatever life will throw at you”. – Paul Taylor

Prevention is cure podcast with Prof Grant Schofield


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