Friends are Medicine


Here at PreKure we believe that other people matter. We believe that humans are social creatures and we are hardwired to be emphatic (through mirror neutrons) and altruistic.

We beleive having a social network of friends and family increases your quantity and quality of life and that sharing meals, celebrating and commiserating are all best done with other people.

So we have created our PreKure Connect Guidelines, to help you incorporate some #friendsaremedicine in your #preventioniscure plan.


The PreKure Connect Guidelines



Having a social network requires active work and giving of your time and resources. Everyone, especially you, benefits from this, but you must give.


Cherish your friends and hang out with your mates more.


Be interested in other people. Ask them questions.


Never underestimate who you are talking to.


Be kind whenever possible… it’s always possible.


Smile, listen, say thank you.