Fitness is Medicine


Here at PreKure we believe being fit is good for you. That being fit increases your quantity and quality of life.

Fitness has 7 components (the seven s’s), and you can choose to emphasise different components depending on your goals:

  1. strength
  2. stamina
  3. suppleness
  4. skill
  5. speed
  6. spritelinesss (agility) and
  7. psychological

Being fit and active is a daily MUST for people of every age.


The PreKure Fitness Guidelines


1. Organise your life to include lots of moving and less sitting.
2. Exercise in an easy (aerobic) way every day and whenever you can. Do as much as you can fit into your lifestyle, but keep it really easy.
3. Exercise in a very hard (anaerobic) way a couple of times a week, go hard but for not that long.
4. Lift heavy things (strength training) and use your body weight as resistance a couple of times a week.
5. If you are tired from exercise, have a rest. Recovering from the stress of exercise is how your body rebuilds and gets fitter.
6. To keep being fit and active, you should find something you enjoy and can do with others. That way you will keep doing it.