Health Coach Program

Become a world-class Certified Health Coach and help change lives

  • The latest science and evidence in preventative lifestyle medicine
  • No prerequisites, medical or health background required
  • Live cohort based immersive and interactive online learning
  • Internationally recognised and approved by the Health Coach professional body HCANZA
6 courses and 15 live labs
complete part-time over 12 months

Get certified from $584/month

Over 12 months

World-leading health coach training by leading medical, nutrition, coaching and wellness experts, in the comfort of your own home.

We have something in common with each other: we both want to help people. We have built this course to teach you the tools to change people’s lives forever.

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This program is right for you if…


  • You are looking to undertake university-level study in the field of health, lifestyle, preventative medicine and behaviour change.
  • You want to understand the latest science and evidence in lifestyle medicine to improve the health of yourself and others.
  • You want to work as a Health Coach in a GP clinic or other primary care setting, an insurance company, in aged care, in a corporate setting, in education or start your own private coaching practice.
  • You want to become an internationally recognised Certified Health Coach and be eligible to join the professional health coach body HCANZA.
  • You want to be a Holistic Health Coach, Wellness Coach, Sleep Coach or Mindfulness Coach.
PREKURE Certified Health Coach

Health Coaches come in all different forms.

You might have that inner urge to make a difference in the world, and support people on their health journey.

You may have had your own health journey, seeing the impact living a healthier life can make to your energy, health, happiness, work and relationships.

If you’re a health professional you may have experienced that frustration working within the traditional health paradigm, where patients struggle to implement advice and change their behaviours.

Whatever your background, health coaching is a gateway for you to make positive and meaningful change in other people’s lives.


What makes health coaching so effective?

The traditional healthcare paradigm views the health practitioner as the expert. The expert sets the treatment goals, focuses on why the patient hasn’t made the changes they need to, and provides advice and solutions.

This approach often doesn’t work. We only need to look around to see that. People are overweight, still smoke, drink too much, don’t sleep enough… the list goes on.

Behavioural change is hard. That’s why Health Coaching offers a different approach.


Health Coaching works

In Health Coaching we walk alongside our clients as partners. We respect clients as the experts in their own lives. Patients choose their own areas to focus on, and as coaches we meet them where they’re at.

Coaching is more effective in driving behavioural change because it connects with clients’ emotions and values. It appeals to our core emotional drivers which govern our behaviour.

When you think about it, all our behaviours come from emotional drivers. Whether it is the need to be accepted, feel loved, ease anxiety, or free us from distraction, emotions are the key to behavioural change.

The PREKURE Health Coach training will teach you the core elements of science and evidence in preventative and lifestyle medicine. It will also give you the coaching skills you need to engage with people in a way that builds trust, connects with emotions, and drives meaningful and sustainable behaviour change.


Overview of the PREKURE Health Coach Program


Not sure where to start?

Speak to a Health & Career Coach

Would you like to turn your passion for health into a career as a Health Coach, but you’re not sure where to start? Book a free discovery call with a PREKURE Health & Career Coach to talk about your options.
Speak to a Health & Career Coach

Why become a Health Coach?


  • Help transform lives: Coaching enables us to help empower others to be the best they can be. As a coach you’ll be equipped with new ways of thinking, communicating and interacting to help others achieve sustainable, long-lasting outcomes.
  • Make more impact: Often advice comes from a place of talking at others, telling them what to do or solving their problems for them. Using your coaching skills you will learn new ways of listening, building trust and asking powerful questions to empower others to become motivated, confident, self-reliant problem solvers.
  • Transform your own life: Our learners are always amazed at the personal growth their new skills have in their personal lives, as they learn how to communicate more effectively and build better relationships. “It’s life changing… the personal growth journey has been insane. It blows my mind that a course can have such a massive impact in the best of ways. Thank you so much! Recommending to everyone!” Rebekah.

World class instructors


Sonya English

Sonya English

Lead Coach

ICF qualified Coach with a Master’s of Health Practice. Highly experienced critical care nurse in the acute treatment of people suffering from ill-health.
Dr Louise Schofield

Dr Louise Schofield

Behaviour Change Expert

A passionate public health expert, health entrepreneur and behaviour change expert with a Ph.D. in Public Health.
Dr Caryn Zinn

Dr Caryn Zinn


Registered Dietitian and Associate Professor with over 20 years of consulting experience as a dietitian and managing director of her nutrition and lifestyle consultancy practice.
Prof Grant Schofield

Prof Grant Schofield

Professor Public Health

Distinguished expert in human potential and performance. Co-Director of the Centre for Human Potential at Auckland University of Technology, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Education, author and PREKURE Chief Science Officer.
Dr Glen Davies

Dr Glen Davies

General Practice

Medical doctor focused on offering LCHF and Keto active management diets for chronic illness and disease. GP of the Year 2021.
Erik van den Top

Erik van den Top

Lead Coach

Leadership and health coach, functional wellness specialist, lifestyle medicine researcher and entrepreneur.
Dr Brad Hulcombe

Dr Brad Hulcombe

Lead Coach

NSW based GP at ground level embracing the art and practice of Health Coaching.
Dr Desiree Dickerson

Dr Desiree Dickerson


Neuroscientist & Clinical Psychologist with a doctorate in the neuro-development of mental health disorders.
Dr Chris Reid

Dr Chris Reid

General Practice

Medical doctor based in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
Dr Catherine Crofts

Dr Catherine Crofts


Pharmacist with a PhD in the early diagnosis of metabolic disease.

Your Health Coach program includes

Certificate in Health Coaching Science

6 theory based courses covering the latest science and evidence of preventative lifestyle medicine. Gain foundational knowledge in health science, nutrition, mental wellbeing and behavioural change.


Certificate in Coaching Practice

40 hours of live, interactive and immersive online coaching labs taught by our expert coaching faculty in a trusted, immersive and interactive setting.

Tools & support to become a masterful coach

Ongoing expert support for your success

As a student you’ll receive 12 months access to weekly live online coaching gyms & student support sessions.

This is your opportunity to deepen your coaching practice and connect with the PREKURE science faculty of psychologists, dietitians, professors and behaviour change experts.


Your guide to exceptional health coaching

PREKURE Health Coaching students receive an exclusive bonus 100 page guide to The Science & Art of Exceptional Health Coaching, written by the world-class PREKURE coaching faculty.

Your ultimate guide to everything you need to know to become a masterful health coach.

Flexible study to work for you

All theory based online courses are self paced. Learn on your own time, at your own pace, in your own space.

You’ll also experience online live, cohort based immersive labs. With ongoing opportunities to practice and refine your coaching skills you’ll become a masterful health coach before you know it!


6 courses and 15 live labs
complete part-time over 12 months

Get certified from $584/month

Over 12 months

Hear what our students are saying

Why are PREKURE the leaders in Health Coach training?


  • It comes down to results. The impact and outcomes achieved by the clients of PREKURE trained coaches.
  • PREKURE trained coaches are behaviour change specialists who deliver consistent, meaningful results for their clients.
  • PREKURE’s university-level courses are taught by recognised world experts and academics who share only evidence-informed knowledge and tools.
  • We allow you to bring your full self – your experiences, professional experience and personality – to our interactive learning environment, where we create a safe space for you to learn, grow and gain confidence.
  • PREKURE’s Health Coach program is approved by the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA), whose standards set the benchmark for professional coach training.
  • PREKURE is internationally recognised in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • PREKURE is endorsed by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and are approved for CME credits and CPD.
Internationally recognised and industry-backed programs
UKIHCA Approved Training Program - Master Holistic Health Coach

UK Health and International Coaches Association Approved Program

The NZQA has evaluated the Health Coach Certificate (Micro-credential) and assessed it to be equivalent to 30 credits at Level 5 on the NZQF

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

RNZCGPs Endorsed Provider

Royal New Zealand College of GPs Endorsed Provider

Approved Health Coach Alliance School

Health Coach Alliance Approved School

HCANZA Approved Program Provider

Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Approved Program Provider


What if I don’t like what I buy?

You’re protected by PREKURE’s unconditional, 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. We want you to have peace of mind when you buy any of our programs, so we give you up to 30 risk-free days from the date you purchase to decide if it’s for you.

If you’re not happy with your results, simply contact us, and we will give you an instant refund. It’s that simple.

Join the Health Coach Certification Program today for $6,490

Or $584/month
over 12 months

Payment Options
  • 6 month payment plan
    • 6 month payment plan GBP478.26
    • 12 month payment plan GBP243.48

Frequently Asked Questions

Invisible Accordion
When does the Health Coach program start and finish?
To become a PREKURE Certified Health Coach you will complete two Certificates as part of your Health Coach Program: The Certificate in Health Coaching Science and the Certificate in Coaching Practice.

The Certificate in Health Coaching Science starts as soon as you enrol. The six online theory-based courses that make up the Certificate are available for you to start and complete in your own time and at your own pace with online, 24/7 access.

The Certificate in Coaching Practice includes 40 hours of live coaching labs (mainly scheduled in the evenings and/or weekdays). There are 15 x 2-hour live, online coaching labs. You can view our live lab schedules and start dates here.

Both Certificates can be completed within six months with a weekly time commitment of approximately 5-7 hours per week. However, you have up to 12 months to complete your training if you need extra time.

How long does it take to complete the training?
The Health Coach Program can be completed within 6-12 months with a weekly time commitment of approximately 5-7 hours per week.
Which courses make up the Health Coach Program?
The Health Coach Program is made up of 2 Certificates. The Certificate in Health Coaching Science and the Certificate in Coaching Practice.

The Certificate in Health Coaching Science is made up of the following six theory courses to complete in your own time and at your own pace:

PK101: Behaviour as Medicine
PK102: Nutrition as Medicine
PK103: Fitness as Medicine
PK104: Mind-Body Medicine
PK105: Making Sense of Research
PK106: Maximising Your Potential as a Health Coach

The Certificate in Coaching Practice includes 40 hours of live coaching labs (mainly scheduled in the evenings and/or weekdays). You can view our live lab schedules and cohort start dates here.

Can I go at my own pace?
Yes. You can do the six theory courses for the Certificate in Health Coaching Science in your own time and at your own pace, with online 24/7 access.

For the Certificate in Coaching Practice, there are 40 hours of live coaching labs that will be scheduled mainly in the evenings and/or weekdays.  You can view our live lab schedules here.

Both Certificates can be completed within six months with a weekly time commitment of approximately 5-7 hours per week. However, you have up to 12 months to complete your training if you need extra time.

What are the benefits of doing this training?
You’ll become a PREKURE Certified Health Coach ready to work as a Health Coach. Once you meet the assessment criteria and graduate, you will be eligible to use the “PREKURE Certified Health Coach” endorsement and be eligible for Professional Membership to Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA). PREKURE is recognised by medical professionals as being credible and of the highest standard. You will go on a personal discovery of transformation and gain the knowledge and tools of how to live your best life. You’ll get the practical tools and resources you need to make your job as a Health Coach easier. You’ll learn the latest science and the art of coaching. You’ll learn and practice your coaching skills which will give you the confidence to teach other people how they too can live their best lives.
Are there jobs for Health Coaches?
Yes. Health Coaches are employed in GP clinics, pharmacies, government organisations, hospitals, insurance companies, aged care, schools, corporate organisations, and more. Alternatively, you can start your own health coaching private practice.
What happens in the coaching skills labs?
The Certificate in Coaching Practice is where you will be taught by our coaching faculty in an online live and interactive setting. You’ll apply what you’re learning in a safe environment, honing your skills so you’ll feel confident when working with real patients or clients. Surrounding yourself with your fellow Health Coach students will inspire and encourage you. These interactive sessions are where you, as students, train and share your experiences together and are a really important part of the PREKURE Health Coaching training process.
As a Health Coach, who is your typical client?
It really depends on what your niche is going to be. It’s important to understand what your unique strengths are as a potential Health Coach. Then, you need to understand who your ideal target market would be. Some examples of typical clients are:

  • Diabetes sufferers looking for support to manage their type 2 diabetes
  • Middle-aged women going through perimenopause and struggling with weight, sleep, etc.
  • Middle-aged men looking to lose weight and get fit
  • Retired couples wanting to age well and stay off medication
  • Millennial women having a hard time finding balance in their lives
  • Cancer survivors wanting to stay in remission and be as healthy as possible

The possibilities are really endless!

Can I do the training even if I don’t plan on practicing as a Health Coach?
Yes! Many of our students go on a personal journey of discovery and transformation for themselves when studying to become a Health Coach. The coaching skills you learn can be included in your everyday life and in your current job – you don’t have to be a coach to utilise your coaching skills. You can email [email protected] if you’d like to have a chat with one of our graduates.
Is setting up my own Health Coach business achievable?
Absolutely. We recommend that you start your business on a part-time basis then progress from there.

As part of your Short Course, PK106: Maximising Your Potential as a Health Coach, you’ll cover the basic principles of starting your own business as a Health Coach. You’ll delve into how to find your niche and get a wealth of knowledge from successful health business entrepreneurs Dr Ed Timings and Dr Louise Schofield.

How do I know if I will make a good Health Coach?
If you’re passionate about health and wellbeing, like to help other people, find it easy to build relationships and are a good listener, then health coaching could be a great fit for you! Health Coaches believe in people. They believe that people can change, and they bring optimism and efficiency to the change process.
Is this Certification recognised internationally?
Yes, the Health Coach Program is approved by the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA). We are also an approved training provider with the Canadian Health Coach Alliance. Our Master Holistic Health Coach Program is also approved by the UK & International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA). Furthermore, we follow the International Coaches Federation (ICF) core competencies, definition of coaching and code of ethics.
What type of nutrition is taught?
Nutrition training is a key part of our learning. Students are trained in the fundamentals of nutritional science using the very latest science and thinking. PREKURE does not give you 100 different nutrition theories and let you flounder around trying to work out which is best. We give you a comprehensive up-to-date university-level understanding of nutrition, then teach you what works best, when and for whom, according to the latest science and practices.
Has this training program been assessed by NZQA for micro-credential equivalency?
Yes. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) ensures that New Zealand qualifications are valued as credible and robust, both nationally and internationally.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has evaluated the Health Coach Certificate (Micro-credential) delivered by PREKURE and has assessed it to be equivalent to 30 credits (300 notional learning hours) at Level 5 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

The Australian Qualifications Framework has equivalency with the NZQA e.g. Level 5 microcredential with NZQA is the
same as Level 5 on AQF.

Do I have to be a health or medical professional to become a Health Coach?
No. There are no prior learning requirements or prerequisites to enter this course. If you have a passion for health & wellbeing and to help others achieve their health goals this training is for you.
What if I am unhappy with the training?
If you are dissatisfied for any reason with your purchase, contact us within 30 days and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.
How do I know this program is credible and contains correct information?
The Health Coach Program is scientifically-based and evidence-informed with full academic references provided for all materials. It is taught by our highly qualified, world-class teaching faculty with extensive real-world experience including registered dietitian Dr Caryn Zinn, Professor of Public Health Grant Schofield and practising GP and fellow of the RNZCGPs, Dr Glen Davies.
What ongoing support will I receive as a student?
All Health Coach students receive 12 months access to weekly live online coaching gyms and student support sessions.

This is your weekly space to:

  • Connect with the PREKURE team and your community of fellow students & graduates.
  • Build your confidence and capability as a coach.
  • Connect with the PREKURE science faculty including our resident psychologist, dietitian, behaviour change expert and Chief Science Officer.
  • Get all your questions answered by the PREKURE team.
What certification will I receive?
If you pass your assessment criteria you will graduate with your:

  • Certificate in Health Coaching Science
  • Certificate in Coaching Practice

You will also become a PREKURE Certified Health Coach.

For continued use of the PREKURE Certified Health Coach brand mark, you must register with a Health Coach or other health professional body.

Do I get lifetime course access?
All PREKURE course content is available for 12 months from the date you enrol.

Graduates can retain ongoing access to their course material by joining the PREKURE Postgrad Network, an exclusive membership offering postgraduate professional support to PREKURE graduates. This includes access to updated content, resources and references as we continue to develop and re-release courses.

Is it too late to enrol?
No! You can enrol and start learning at any time during the year.

For your six theory-based courses in the Certificate in Health Coaching Science, you can start learning straight away, with online 24/7 access.

For your live coaching labs, these are scheduled at different times during the year.  You can view our start dates and schedules here.

Please contact [email protected] to secure a seat in our next intake. The class is limited to 30 students and can fill up quickly.

What support will I receive after graduating?
After graduation you are invited to join the PREKURE Postgrad Network, an exclusive membership offering postgraduate professional support to PREKURE graduates.

The PREKURE Network membership program has been designed for PREKURE graduates to build confidence in their coaching ability, to provide connection to the wider PREKURE community, to give a guide of the next steps post graduation, and to build courage to initiate sales conversations and build a sustainable income stream.

PREKURE Network Membership is an optional resource to continue learning & developing, and provides all the ongoing support, resources and tools Health Coach graduates need to thrive in their health and/or coaching careers.

What payment options are there?
You can either pay upfront in 1 payment, or take advantage of our 6 and 12 month payment plans.

6 month payment plan: Pay an additional 8% and split your payment into 6 monthly payments.

12 month payment plan: Pay an additional 8% and split your payment into 12 monthly payments.

Please note, that if you are on a payment plan you must have paid in full to be eligible to graduate.

How can I learn more about PREKURE's Health Coach Program?
Come along to a free open night to learn more about our Health Coach Training Program. We hold these at various times throughout the year. Come along to learn what sets PREKURE’s Health Coach training above the rest and get your questions answered in our AMA. You can register for our next live online open night session here.

You can also book a call with a PREKURE Health & Career Coach for a time that suits you.  We’d love to connect and understand where you are at and talk about what study options will suit you best.

Download a copy of our Health Coach Pathways Prospectus