Open Week: Preventative Medicine CPD for Health Professionals

  • Discover CPD / CME opportunities for health professionals
  • Learn about PREKURE’s cutting edge education in preventative  lifestyle medicine
  • Your questions answered in our Q&A session
  • Free and live over Zoom

Thursday 12th October
7 – 8pm NZT / 5 – 6pm AEDT

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Are you a health professional looking to make more positive impact in your role?

Imagine a world where chronic diseases were prevented, not just treated. At PREKURE, we share your vision and are leading the charge toward a healthier future. Come along to our free online open night and learn more about our cutting-edge CPD/CME education in preventative lifestyle medicine.


Empowering change for a healthier tomorrow

Did you know that over 90% of the strain on our health system stems from preventable chronic diseases? Despite the proven effectiveness of lifestyle-based treatments in preventing and even reversing these ailments, the integration of preventative medicine remains limited within our current healthcare framework.


Bridging the gap: Putting science into practice

PREKURE is on a mission to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and real-world application. We’re offering cutting-edge education in preventative medicine, empowering health professionals like you to drive transformative change.

Come along to this interactive session led by Critical Care Nurse Sonya English and learn more about:

  • Professional Development opportunities for Health Professionals to upskill in Behaviour Change, Metabolic Health, and Mental Health.
  • How health and medical professionals, including physios, personal trainers, nurses and doctors are incorporating coaching techniques to empower their patients to better health outcomes.
  • Free PREKURE lifestyle medicine tools available for you to use with your clients and patients.


Frequently Asked Questions


When is the Open Week running?

Join us live online in October to learn everything about the cutting-edge study options available at PREKURE:

  • Mon 9 October: Introduction to Health Coaching
  • Tue 10 October: Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolic Health Coaching
  • Wed 11 October: Introduction to Mental Health Coaching
  • Thu 12 October: Introduction to Professional Development for Health Professionals
How to I join the intro session?

Once you register we will send you a link to to join and open Zoom. You will be placed into a virtual waiting room until the session begins.

How do I use Zoom to access the session?

If you have not downloaded Zoom before, you can sign up and do so by clicking here. You do not need a paid account.

Zoom is an online meeting platform that we use to host our live events.

You need a camera/webcam and a good audio/microphone connection in order to participate. You also need a decent internet connection, above 1.5Mbps.

Can you send me a recording?
We really encourage you to join us live to get the most out of this event.

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