PREKURE-ED September 2023

The weight is over? The skinny on new type 2 diabetes and obesity treatments.

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The weight is over? The skinny on new type 2 diabetes and obesity treatments

The media is full of articles about the new “miracle weight loss” medications “Ozempic” and “Wegovy”. Are they any good? Should we be using them? How do they work? Who can we trust to give the truth about these medications? 

We all know that obesity management is a weighty issue in New Zealand. We have had access to many ‘miracle’ weight loss medications over the years. We know the lifestyle can be effective, but it can be very hard for people to make change.



    About Dr Catherine Crofts

    Dr Catherine Crofts

    Dr Catherine Crofts

    NZ Registered Pharmacist

    Dr Catherine Crofts is a NZ registered pharmacist who is considered a world leader in understanding the physiological effects of hyperinsulinaemia; especially the non-glycaemic effects.

    During this session Catherine aim’s to answer many of your questions about these medications, how they work in the body, why they can be effective for weight loss, and some of the pitfalls associated with them.

    Join us live with Catherine Crofts on Friday 22nd September

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