PREKURE-ED June 2023

Dr. Ala Farah: Is it your hormones?

Join PREKURE-Ed signature keynote Dr. Ala Farah as she discusses holistic approaches to the management of hormonal concerns and how we can collectively work towards diminishing stigma around women’s health conversations.

A dedicated and compassionate medical professional with a profound passion for holistic health, Dr. Farah has a deep appreciation for the intricate connection between mind, body and spirit. She is committed to providing patient-cantered care that goes beyond the prescription only model. Join us as Dr. Farah shares with us:

  • The approach to management of clients with hormonal concerns,
  • Common presentations,
  • The significance of open conversations regarding hormonal health,
  • Holistic approaches to the management of hormonal concerns,
  • Diminishing stigma around women’s health conversations.


Friday 23rd June
12.30 – 1.30pm NZT
10.30 – 11.30am AEST

Join us for just


About Dr. Ala Farah

Having worked in both hospital and primary care settings for over 15 years, Dr. Farah possesses a strong foundation in traditional medical practices. However, it was during her years of clinical experience, as well as struggling with her own hormonal health concerns, she discovered the transformative power of a holistic approach to healthcare.

Believing in the innate ability of the body to heal itself when given the right tools and support, Dr. Farah integrates various modalities and therapies into her practice. Her expertise in holistic health extends to a wide range of conditions, including low carb nutrition, hormonal imbalances and mental health concerns. By combining evidence-based medicine with alternative therapies, she aims to empower patients to take an active role in their well-being and achieve optimal health outcomes.

With a warm and empathetic manner, Dr. Farah creates a safe and nurturing environment for her patients. She currently practices as a GP in Hamilton and also offers consultations via the fantastic Reversal NZ team. Beyond her clinical practice Dr. Farah is actively involved in educating and raising awareness about the benefits of holistic health. She frequently speaks at workshops sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to embrace a holistic approach to wellness.

Join us live with Dr. Ala Farah on Friday 23rd June

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