PREKURE-ED February 2024

AI Literacy Skills for Health Coaches - a follow-along workshop

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AI Literacy Skills for Health Coaches – a follow-along workshop with AI Consultant Josh McKenty

This session is designed for Health Coaches who feel overwhelmed by the thought of incorporating AI into their practice. Josh aims to simplify AI, making it approachable and relevant for Health Coaches. The focus is on showing how AI tools, particularly ChatGPT, can be seamlessly integrated into your daily operations to enhance your business and client engagement.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding AI and ChatGPT: Josh will break down the essentials of AI and ChatGPT, explaining their significance in a straightforward, accessible manner.
  • Overcoming AI Apprehensions: He will address common concerns about using AI, emphasising its practicality and ease of use for non-technical individuals.
  • Applying AI in Your Coaching Business: Josh will teach you how AI can semi-automate tasks such as drafting marketing emails, creating engaging social media content, and customising communication templates, which leaves you time to focus more on high-value coaching, and less on administrative tasks.
About Josh McKenty
Josh McKenty is the co-founder of Avant Consultants, New Zealand’s leading AI software and consultation agency. With over 18 years working in digital technology, Josh has been working with AI beta tools before anyone had heard the name ChatGPT”. His work now revolves around creating intelligent AI software solutions, AI consultation for government, digital marketing and AI satellite image analysis as a service.

Join us live with Josh McKenty on Friday 23rd February

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When is the PREKURE-Ed Live session running?
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What is PREKURE-Ed
PREKURE-Ed are our monthly live signature sessions where we inspire and educate with expert keynote speakers from the world of lifestyle medicine.
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