10 lessons from medicine and why Health Coaching is the answer

Join us for our May PREKURE-Ed Live Online Session

10 lessons from medicine for prevention is cure, health coaches, and a better life

With keynote speaker Prof Grant Schofield


In this PREKURE-Ed Signature Session Professor of Public Health and PREKURE Chief Science Officer, Prof Grant Schofield, brings us 10 lessons from medicine for prevention is cure, health coaches, and a better life.

Prof Grant takes a wide ranging view of public health, our health system, where we have gone right and gone wrong, and where we can go from here.

Join the discussion as Prof Grant talks about:


  • How change is usually slow and painful in medicine but doesn’t’ have to be
  • Why we over invest in treatment and under invest in prevention
  • What health coaches can do to make a difference in the health system
  • Why he likes acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) so much, and what he’s learnt about mental health recently
  • Why ultra-processed food is a common target regardless of where you come from
  • Why thermotherapies and breathing are on trend, and why hormesis was always important

Friday 27th May
12.30 – 1.30pm

Join us for just


About Prof Grant Schofield

Grant Schofield is the Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology, director of the University’s Human Potential Centre, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Education in New Zealand, co-author of four best-selling books and Chief Science Officer for PREKURE.

Grant’s career has focused on preventing the diseases of modern times, and seeing what it takes to help people live a long, healthy and happy life.

He lives and breathes the motto “be the best you can be”, and sees this as a game-changer for the health system – capable of transforming the current health (sickness) model, to one in which we aspire to be well. He is redefining public health as the science of human potential; the study of what it takes to have a great life.

Grant is well known for thinking outside the box and challenging conventional wisdom in nutrition and weight loss, as well as physical activity and exercise.

He brings his fluency across several scientific disciplines – from human physiology, to psychology, to peak performance – to his role at PREKURE, where he delivers world class Health Coach training.

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When is the PREKURE-Ed Live session running?

Our PREKURE-Ed signature sessions run every month. This month’s session features Prof Grant Schofield, live online on Friday 27th May at 12.30pm – 1.30pm NZT / 10.30 – 11.30am AEST.

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What is PREKURE-Ed

PREKURE-Ed are our monthly live signature sessions where we inspire and educate with expert keynote speakers from the world of lifestyle medicine. 

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“One of the most important things in public health is “to do no harm”. Or at least in a more practical sense, have the good by far outweigh the harms you cause with whatever intervention you choose.”

– Prof Grant Schofield –

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