Magali Steffens

Magali Steffens | +6422 071 0889

Ohai, Southland, New Zealand

Magali has always been dedicated in supporting others and learning what they need to help them grow as a person or in their career. After 10 years managing artists, teaching and creating cultural events, her life took a new direction with her own diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. Stubborn, she did not accept the idea of passively waiting for a cure. She dived into books and studies, learnt all that she could about autoimmunity and brain health, tested it all on herself and fell in love with her own condition. More energised than ever, she is convinced that lifestyle and stress management are the only sustainable way to overcome autoimmune diseases and protect our brains. She emphasizes Eat – Move – Sleep – Engage as the 4 pillars of health. She believes in all life learning, having fun and being creative whatever the challenge is.

Areas of speciality: Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmunity and brain health.