Kent Johns

Telesia Fauonuku

Auckland | +64 21 0292 8961Facebook

Malo e lelei. My name is Telesia and I’m a Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer. My goal is to help support and improve the health and wellbeing of our Pasifika community, specifically type two diabetes and obese individuals. I was born and raised on the island of Tonga until I moved to New Zealand at the age of seventeen. In Tonga, I collected firewood and helped prepare our kai everyday. In NZ I found myself too often at the KFC drive-through which eventually led me to surgical removal of boils on my stomach area. From there I started to question the food and the lifestyle I was living as a change was needed to save my health. I remembered my grandmother telling me to watch her cook because one day I will cook for my family so I started cooking at home, going for walks and jogging around the block, then found my way to the gym, which led me to become the first Tongan female bodybuilder to represent Tonga. Sometimes a little change coupled with the right help can improve your health and life multiple times over. I’m eager to help contribute and apply my expertise towards empowering the health and wellbeing of my client, be it physically, emotionally and spiritually. Malo


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