PREKURE Certified Health Coach Vania Dunn talks about what health coaching is and what the coaching relationship – the strong relationship between coach and client – means to her.

By Vania Dunn

When I had not long started coaching, one of my friends sent me a message that said – “Vania, I have found this amazing picture and it just reminds me so much of you”. And she gave it to me as a gift.

The picture is a real representation to me of what the coaching relationship is.

Coaching somebody through the challenges and the blocks is often a really messy process, but the beautiful thing is that, as someone goes through that process and experiences that mess, they come out on the other side and there’s a real sense of empowerment and freedom. I love this picture. It sits on my desk and while I’m on calls with clients, I get to see this behind them and just know that they’re on this journey of transformation. And they’re doing amazing things to reach the goals that they have for themselves, and to find new health.


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