Congratulations to all 81 PREKURE students who graduated at a ceremony held at PreKure’s headquarters in Takapuna, Auckland.



It was a social and inspirational evening, where students, graduates, friends, family and the PreKure Faculty and staff got to meet in person. It was wonderful to see students who have only seen each other online, connect with each other and some of the course instructors in real life.


Health Coach graduate Ree George gave a powerful students’ speech at the ceremony.


The May 2021 PreKure graduates are…drum roll, please…


Health Coach Certificate

Ash Hodges

Beatrice Reichmuth

Ellie Lockhart

Elizabeth Fletcher

Emma Piggot

Ian Hight

Jane Scott 

Janet Saywell 

Laurie Daubrey

Magali Steffens

Olivia Stubbs

Ree George

Roimata Crawford

Sheryl Dickerson 

Tracey Race

Aimee Davey

Charlotte Chambers

Christine Wardle

Darla Blake

Jo Dickson

Lisa Hay

Lucy Scanlon

Maria Hyde-Smith

Maree Cook

Rekha Prasad

Samantha Mahoney

Simone Rueckert 

Sharalee Gibson

Steve Thompson

Victoria Robinson


Certificate in Health Science

Mark Robinson

Amy Lloyd

Becky Fox

Ben Rowley

Briar Strutton

Connie Parkers

David Leu

Elizabeth Gardener

Erena Rowe

Jen Agnew

Jo Bennett

Melissa Davidson

Natasha Pool 

Robyn Walters


Certificate in Health and Mental Wellbeing

Jefferey Wang

Bernadine Keating

Jade Stanley

Karen Eagleson

Karla Vasilevski

Lisa Drysdale


Certificate in Nutritional Science

Etlal Puebla

Geoff Burgess

Louise Walker

Ruby Wei

Sarah Ahern 

Sharon Humphreys

Karianne Wills

Annabel Wallis

Amy Shew

Claire Duncan

Estelle Bloom

Grant Spedding

Greg Pitman



Certificate in Advanced Nutrition

Barbara Scarfe 

Caitlin Cobham

Catherina Ying-Jwu Hagemeister

Chole Evison

Dale Kent-Smith

Janelle Harland 

Jo Munro

Lisa Burch

Royden Mcwha

Tania Cottew

Shelley Liebenberg

Andy Fulton

Dean Baker

Holly Roberson

Karen Bell

Karianne Wills 

Kath Metz

Le-arnna de Jager

Paige West

Rema Taha


Congratulations! Together, we are changing the world.

Dr Glen Davies, GP and PreKure Faculty member, gave an inspirational talk via video. (Watch Dr Glen Davies’ talk below). Dr Carlo Bellini, PreKure’s Lead Coach, also attended virtually and gave a speech.



PreKure’s Faculty members Sharon Tomkins (Assistant Coach), Dr Catherine Crofts (Pharmacist), Sonya English (Lead Coach, Critical Care Nurse), Louise Schofield (PhD, Behaviour change) and Prof Grant Schofield (Public Health) were present on the night (pictured below).

Health Coach graduate Ree George gave a powerful speech on behalf of the students.


Awards for outstanding work and achievements in the PreKure community

Health Coach and PreKure Assistant Coach Maja Paterson was awarded the PreKure Community Spirit Award. Maja is continually supporting and championing other people in the PreKure Health Coach Facebook group, in PreKure Network meetings, and in the wider community in any way that she can.

Health Coach Jared Cannons won the Heart of PreKure Award. Jared is a PreKure Certified Health Coach, teaching LCHF cooking classes at Turuki Health Care, helping whānau make positive health and wellbeing choices, and he’s always there to support and encourage other Health Coaches and students in the PreKure community. Jared, you are truly making a difference in the world!

Health Coach and Pilates instructor Vania Dunn won the Established Health Coach of the Year Award. We have watched Vania go from strength to strength in building her health coaching business. Find out more about Vania and her business here.



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