What we put into our bodies directly affects our physical appearance and has a significant impact on our skin, nails and hair, and on maintaining a youthful appearance (or not) as we age.

The just-released book What the Face!, by Dr Caryn Zinn, Grant Schofield and Craig Rodger, has been specifically designed to help you nourish and support both your inner health, and your outer wellbeing.

The Fat Professor Grant Schofield and Whole-Food Dietitian Dr Caryn Zinn explain the science and practice of looking and feeling good, while Chef Craig Rodger has created fresh and delicious recipes to help you look and feel good from the inside out.

The good news is we can move our biological age and our chronological age apart, and for the better. This isn’t about looking 25 when you are 55; most of us are not looking for that – but looking and feeling 10 years younger? Yes please!

This book explores ways to die young as old as possible, all the while looking as good as possible!

What you look like on the outside reflects what you look like on the inside.

Diet and lifestyle play both an important and a causal role in our appearance and health. In fact, they are intrinsically linked. The WTF? authors continue to bust the biggest health- and nutrition-related myths. The single most important thing for looking good on the outside is what you put into your inside – the food you eat.

Got 10 minutes?

Download What the Face! In a Flash here for some great tips and two free recipes – Cocoanutty Collagen Shake and Free-Radical-Fighter Smoothie. Can you really look and feel 10 years younger? Yes, you can. Get all the basics to get started straight away in this quick guide.



For more information about What the Face! and the WTF? series, please visit https://whatthefatbook.com/