At PREKURE, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, affecting your ability to complete your coursework within the initially allotted timeframe. To accommodate such situations, we have established the following Extension Request Policy:

First Extension (Free):

  • Students are entitled to a one-time extension free of charge.
  • The first extension allows for an additional maximum period of 3 months beyond the original course expiration date.

Second Extension ($250):

  • If additional time is needed beyond the initial extension, a second extension can be requested for a fee of $250.
  • The second extension grants an extra 3 months to complete the coursework.

Third and final Extension ($500):

  • A third extension for longer than 6 months or any request for submission of assessment beyond a year after the expiry of enrolment will be subject to a fee of $500.
  • This extension provides flexibility for students facing prolonged challenges but comes with an increased fee due to the extended timeframe.

Procedure for Requesting Extensions:

  • Students must submit their extension request via the form below at least 14 days before the course expiration date.
  • Requests should include a detailed explanation of the circumstances necessitating the extension.
  • Extensions are subject to approval based on the merits of the request and availability.

Payment Process:

  • Payments for the second and third extensions are to be made via invoice.
  • Instructions for payment will be provided upon approval of the extension request.

It is important to note that extensions are granted to support students facing genuine challenges. We encourage proactive communication and timely extension requests to ensure a smooth and successful academic journey.

For any inquiries or to initiate an extension request, please contact [email protected]



  • Unavoidable Personal Circumstances (coursework only): Where a student faces unavoidable personal circumstances and is unable to submit a component of coursework, he/she may apply for special consideration. The application is made on the form “Special Consideration: Unavoidable Personal Circumstances” and must be supported by written evidence from a doctor or counsellor.
  • The student must apply no later than two weeks after the due date.
  • If the student success team supports the application, they will ask the student to submit the work by a revised deadline, or submit a new task by a revised deadline. 



  • Maximum of 6 months.



  • The student will be given a 1 month timeframe to get in contact with the Student success team to apply for & discuss an extension with a revised completion date. 
  • If no contact has been made, PREKURE will attempt to contact the student. After 6 weeks from the due date, students’ course access will be suspended.

*Each student is entitled to up to one extension, free of charge.  All extensions are subject to approval by PREKURE and must be accompanied by appropriate evidence. Additional extensions may incur administrative fees.