PreKure’s vision is to prevent chronic disease and extend the human healthspan


As you're aware, PreKure exists to prevent chronic disease and extend the human health-span, but right here and right now, it's actually COVID-19 that's posing a big threat to the human health-span and our economy.

This could be unsettling for you, so we're drawing on the expertise of our health and medical faculty to virtually support you, your loved ones and your family with your questions and anything we can do to help during this time.

Every night at 8pm (NZT) we will be doing a Facebook Live with one of our faculty experts about how you can stay safe, healthy and well. Click here for our Facebook page.

We're here to offer support, community and credible advice at this time.
Together we can get through this.

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Prevention before cure

We want to create a movement and change medicine from the top down and the bottom up.

The medical system we have today spends most of its budget on treating sickness and very little on disease prevention.

On average, we spend the last 15 years of our lives suffering from the complications of one of the big four chronic diseases - cancer, dementia, heart disease or diabetes. But the problem is that we medicate the symptoms, rather than treating the root cause of the disease.

PreKure sees the new world of medicine as preventative, customer-centric, and future-focused. It is based on thriving, not just surviving. It’s a rapidly moving and exciting feld that can, and will, deliver health—or as we like to call it, a PreKure —to those who need it most.

Together we can change medicine

Turn your passion for health and wellness into a career you love.

Health Coaches are currently the missing link in healthcare. Become a PreKure certified Health Coach and support people in making the critical lifestyle changes required to dramatically improve their wellbeing. You'll have one of the most meaningful jobs on the planet and see better health outcomes for yourself, your family and/or your clients/patients.

By doing this certificate you'll be recognised as a credible and qualified Health Coach.

Our people

We are a team of internationally recognised health professionals
highly-educated in the science and practise of lifestyle medicine.

Dr Louise Schofield

Dr Louise Schofield

Behaviour Change

Louise has a PhD in Public Health
and 15 years’ experience in the
corporate wellbeing industry

Dr Carlo Bellini

Dr Carlo Bellini

Medical Doctor & Lead Coach

Dr Carlo Bellini is a consultant, executive coach, and speaker. His expertise lies at the intersection of health, business, and innovation.

Professor Grant Schofield

Professor Grant Schofield

Public Health

Grant is the Director of The Centre
for Human Potential at AUT University
and former Chief Scientifc Advisor

Dr Caryn Zinn

Dr Caryn Zinn


Caryn is an NZ Registered Dietitian
and academic at AUT University.
She has over 20 years of consulting

Dr Desiree Dickerson

Dr Desiree Dickerson

Neuroscientist & Clinical Psychologist

Desiree is a clinical psychologist with
a doctorate in the neurodevelopment
of mental health disorders.

Dr Catherine Crofts

Dr Catherine Crofts


Catherine has more than 20 years’
experience as a clinical pharmacist.
She recently completed her PhD in

Dr Glen Davies

Dr Glen Davies

General Practice

After completing his studies at
Otago Medical School, Glen spent
2.5 years working in a mission

Dr Simon Thornley

Dr Simon Thornley


Simon is a public health medicine
specialist. His academic career cen
tres on improving dietary treatment

This 21 day health challenge all about YOU. We give your wellbeing a boost and kickstart your healthy habits.


The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will
interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet
and in the cause and prevention of disease.