The PreKure Network

Get supported with everything you need in your coaching career.

  • Practical business advice from those who’ve gone before you
  • Define & hone your coaching skills & enjoy access to a coaching demo library
  • Start working with real paying clients almost immediately
  • Gain confidence, motivation & inspiration

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start doing

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What is the PreKure Network?

The PreKure Network is an exclusive group of Health Coaches and industry professionals who have trained under the PreKure umbrella and now share their knowledge and experience to help other coaches get into the industry. A membership in this group enables you to kick-start your coaching career on the right foot. Within this group, you will refine and hone your coaching skills.

Membership includes:

  • 3x one-hour live online workshops per month with PreKure leaders:
    • 1x per month coaching skills focus with Dr Carlo Bellini
    • 1x per month business skills focus with Dr Louise Schofield
    • 1x per month nutrition focus with Prof Grant Schofield or Dr Caryn Zinn
  • Build-a-business online resource library and templates
  • Coaching demo library
  • Support, advice and community from like-minded coaches just like you
  • Weekly accountability to make progress in your coaching career

We share your passion for coaching, and tirelessly work to keep you updated and inspired to help you achieve your goals.

Together we are changing people’s lives to be healthier and happier, right here, right now. Join us today, become part of a community of like-minded individuals, and start working with real paying clients almost immediately.

Meet your instructors

Dr Carlo Bellini

Dr Carlo Bellini

Lead Coach

Medical doctor and internationally trained Coach.

Dr Louise Schofield

Dr Louise Schofield

Behaviour Change

Health Entrepreneur with a PhD in Public Health.

Prof Grant Schofield

Prof Grant Schofield

Public Health

Director of The Centre for Human Potential at AUT University and professor of public health.


Paula Ross Customer Care Advisor
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There are no shortcuts to becoming a great coach.
But with the right mindset and a commitment to making positive change in your & others’ lives, anything is possible.

Stop procrastinating,
start doing

Join us for just

$99 / month

Frequently Asked Questions


Invisible Accordion
When does the membership start and finish?

This membership is monthly and includes live sessions on the first three Fridays of every month, from 12.30pm- .30pm New Zealand time. The sessions will also be recorded and available for viewing by members. This is an ongoing subscription, so as long as you keep receiving value you keep paying your monthly subscription. You can stop your monthly payments at any time and for any reason.

Who is this membership designed for?

This membership is designed exclusively for PreKure Certified Health Coaches who want to kick-start their business and want ongoing support and continued professional development of their coaching skills. 

What if I am unhappy with the membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked.

Can I become a member even if I have not finished my training?


Do I have to have completed a PreKure course to join this membership?


Why should I join?

We help you to stop procrastinating and get on with doing the hard work it takes to get your coaching careers moving. You will be supported via a professional group of like-minded coaches who have paved the way ahead of you, along with direct access to PreKure leaders who are experts in the field of coaching, nutrition and starting businesses. You’ll also have access to resources, templates and coaching demos to help you succeed.

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