Coaching Intensive Practicum

15-week course for Health Coach graduates from IIN or other providers, who are wanting a professional membership with Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand.

  • Rapidly upskill you in evidence-based nutrition
  • Gain confidence, motivation and inspiration
  • Easily cut through all the noise and contradicting info
  • Doable in a busy life!

Coaching intensive practicum
completed over two month.

15 week course for just


This 15-week course is designed for health coach graduates from IIN or other providers, who are wanting a professional membership with the Health Coaches Australia and NZ Association (HCANZA) of which PreKure are an approved training provider.

HCANZA is the preeminent body for Health Coaches in Australia and New Zealand and membership is highly recommended. HCANZA is a key player in advancing the credibility of health coaching in our region. The standards they have set for membership to their organisation are a global benchmark of professional coach training.

By completing this Practicum you will be eligible for full membership of HCANZA gaining additional credibility and distinction in a growing industry.

PreKure’s Coaching Intensive Practicum covers online, LIVE, supervised coaching labs where you will be taught by our expert coaching faculty the ‘PreKure Way’. You’ll refine and improve your coaching skills in a supportive environment.


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By the end of this course, you will be able to:


• Confidently coach from within your scope of practice

• Demonstrate effective communication techniques to establish trust and rapport

• Demonstrate empathy, active listening, non-judgment, and curiosity when coaching

• Describe and demonstrate strategies that empower the client to take self-directed action.


Coaching intensive practicum
completed over two months.

15 week course for just


The NZQA has evaluated the Health Coach Certificate (Micro-credential) and assessed it to be equivalent to 30 credits at Level 5 on the NZQF.

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