An exclusive membership for the PREKURE graduate community

Monthly membership available exclusively for PREKURE graduates to help you to cope with overwhelm as you bust into the health coaching scene. Already an established Health Coach? Come and stay connected and share your learnings and learn from others.

Ongoing postgradute support

From $52 month

If you’re a PREKURE graduate this membership has been designed for you to:

  • Build confidence in yourself and your coaching ability,
  • Create clarity,
  • Provide connection to the wider PREKURE community and provide the platform for you to meet and learn from like-minded graduates,
  • Give you a guide of your next steps post graduation,
  • Build courage to initiate sales conversations and ultimately create consistency in finding new clients and building a sustainable income stream.


The PREKURE Network is for you if:


  • You have just graduated, are bursting with passion for this industry and want to help as many people as you can… but you’re just not sure what’s next and how to get started.
  • You’re a PREKURE graduate and want to stay connected, continue to grow, learn and develop as a masterful coach.
  • You have been out working in the field for a while but you’re missing the connection and community feel.
  • You desire to start your own business or get set up in primary care – we cater to both and are here to help our coaches achieve their goals and own version of success.

Your Network Member Benefits

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Weekly Network Meetings
Stay connected with weekly expert teaching from the PREKURE Faculty, with sessions themed around monthly topics led by experts in their genius area. Enjoy community connection, Q&A and access to key resources including ready-to-use tools and case studies.
Weekly Network Email Newsletter
The latest roundup of past recordings, emerging science and key events delivered weekly to your inbox.
Weekly Coaching Gyms & Student Support Sessions

A weekly forum to support you in your journey to becoming a masterful coach. Connect with likeminds, meet with the PREKURE Faculty and support team and be part of our ever growing community. In these 60 minute sessions you’ll get answers to your burning questions and continue to hone your skills as a coach.

Continuing Professional Education (CPD)

Exclusive access to monthly live online sessions with expert keynote speakers. In these 1 hour sessions you’ll get to hear from and interact with some of the leading names in lifestyle medicine. All network sessions count as CPD.

PREKURE Network Resource Library
Access to recordings, readings and resources to support and empower your own personal development as a coach and to create a thriving business. Includes business basics, recommendations and new themed content added weekly.
PREKURE-Live Events 25% Discount
The opportunity to connect in person, live with your online community. Network Members receive first release tickets, 25% discount and priority attendance to PREKURE-Live Events / in person PREKURE conferences.

Friday Live 60-Minute Zoom Sessions

 Attend live when you can and watch the recording sent to your inbox when you can’t. View full details of all upcoming themes & topics here.

1st Friday of the Month

Growing my Health Coaching Business: My accountability session.

2nd Friday of the Month

Upskilling with a key health coach business concept.


3rd Friday of the Month

Connection and mentoring.

4th friday of the month

PREKURE-Ed. Keynote speaker.

PREKURE-Ed Signature Sessions

Each month we bring you monthly live online sessions with expert keynote speakers. View the upcoming PREKURE-Ed session details here.

Your investment – from $52/month


A small but impactful investment in yourself, your future self and your health coaching business.

An investing and growth mindset is something we go much deeper into inside the NETWORK, but something to consider:

We first lead ourselves before we lead others,
If we want clients to invest in us, we need to invest in ourselves and our own development first,
Just because we can go at it alone, doesn’t mean we have to!

Stay connected, build your confidence, clarity and courage inside the PREKURE NETWORK for less than $2/day.


Join the Network & thrive in your career

From $52/month

Valued at $4,550 / year
Monthly membership: $65/month
Annual membership: $52/month (save 20%)
  • $624 / upfront for Annual Subscription (includes 20% discount)
    • $65 / month $62.00 12 monthly payments per year - ongoing
    • $624 / upfront for Annual Subscription (includes 20% discount) $589.00 1 payment per year - ongoing

Frequently Asked Questions


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When does the membership start and finish?
Your membership can be purchased as either an ongoing monthly or annual subscription. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and for any reason. Annual subscriptions are billed for the 12 month period and receive a 20% discount.
Who is this membership designed for?
This membership is designed exclusively for our PREKURE Certificate graduates who want ongoing support, community connection and continued professional development, and for those who want to kick-start and to continue to build their coaching business.
Can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your monthly membership at any time for the following month’s membership.

Annual memberships are billed for the 12 month period with a 20% discount. Annual memberships will automatically renew every 12 months. We will email you prior to your annual membership renewal. You may cancel your annual membership for the upcoming year at any time before your renewal date.

All memberships are non-refundable.

Can I become a member even if I have not finished my training?
Yes, however we do not recommend joining the Network until you have completed or are close to completing your training.
I'm not a Health Coach, can I still become a PREKURE Network Member?
Yes you can become a Network member, so long as you are enrolled or have completed a Certificate level course with PREKURE.
Who can access the Coaching Gyms and Expert Q&As?
Students have automatic 12 month access to Coaching Gyms during their training. Upon graduation, to access this service, you’ll need to have a PREKURE Network membership.
Why should I join?
You will stay connected, continue to learn and hone your skills. You will be supported via a professional group of like-minded coaches who have paved the way ahead of you, along with direct access to PREKURE’s Faculty – leaders who are experts in the field of coaching, nutrition and starting businesses. You’ll also have access to invaluable resources, templates and demos to help you succeed.

“There are no shortcuts to becoming a great Health Coach.
But with the right mindset and a commitment to making positive change in your & others’ lives, anything is possible.” – Louise Schofield, PREKURE Co-Founder