Ellie Lockhart - PREKURE Health Coach

Ellie Lockhart

PREKURE Health Coach

I focus on the whole person including what gets in the way of reaching our goals. I incorporate Havening and Hypnotherapy to resolve trauma of all types, supporting you to focus on creating and gaining a life you love.

As humans we operate on old belief systems about who we are, what we can have, what we deserve …we find ourselves procrastinating, hiding in the shadows or thinking we don’t have what it takes. Most of our core beliefs are formed by the time we are 8 years old. We work together to update your limiting beliefs to match your adult goals and values. 

Many of my clients come from a background of significant trauma including sexual abuse, neglect, violence and PTSD. Trauma exposure doesn’t need to be a life sentence. I meet you where you are at and hold space with empathy, curiosity and without pity, using techniques that support your goals including health coaching. Trauma wreaks havoc on our health. Clients are typically amazed at how quickly they feel released from emotional trauma and able to take charge of their own destiny. Reach out. Let’s talk.


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