Ben’s Story: Why Upskilling in Health Coaching Helps Change Lives

Q&A: Ben Rowley, PREKURE Certified Health Coach

Meet Ben Rowley, Registered Nurse who embraced the shift towards more preventative lifestyle medicine in healthcare and upskilled to become a Men’s Health Coach. Learn how he’s using his health coaching expertise in his current role, driving improvements in men’s health and changing lives by emphasising preventive and holistic wellness practices.

“Supporting men to realise their full ​potential through a foundation of ​health and wellbeing.“

Ben Rowley - Men's Health Coach

Can you share a bit about your background before embarking on your health coaching journey?

Before venturing into health coaching, I had just graduated as a Registered Nurse, working initially in public health. The prospect of health coaching intrigued me as I saw it as a valuable addition to my nursing toolkit. Working closely with men of various ages during my nursing practice, I realised the potential of health coaching in supporting them towards healthier sustainable lifestyles.

What are you doing now, since graduating as a Health Coach?

Currently, I’ve transitioned to Occupational Health Nursing with MedPro Healthcare Ltd., continuing my journey as a Registered Nurse. My Health Coach training has significantly enhanced my ability to facilitate positive lifestyle changes among my clients. Additionally, I’m in the process of establishing my own private health coaching business, focusing on assisting men in achieving their health and wellness goals.

What do you find most fulfilling about Health Coaching?

What truly fulfils me as a Health Coach is witnessing the transformation in individuals as they discover the motivation within themselves to adopt positive changes in their health and lifestyle. Seeing them actively engage in their health journey, transitioning from self-doubt to enthusiasm and hope for the future, is incredibly rewarding. 

“As a Health Coach, it’s an absolute privilege to travel alongside someone on their personal health journey, through all the ups and downs.”

Could you share a specific success story where your coaching has made a significant positive impact on a client’s life?

In my nursing practice, I’ve encountered men initially disinterested in their health and wellbeing. Through utilising my health coaching skills, I’ve been able to guide them towards recognising their potential for positive change. By creating a safe space for open dialogue, I’ve witnessed remarkable shifts in their attitudes and motivations. From discussing concerns about alcohol consumption to their desire for a healthier future for their families, these experiences highlight the profound impact of health coaching in supporting personal reflection and growth.

How do you incorporate your new health coaching skills into your role as a nurse?

Incorporating health coaching has been instrumental in fostering meaningful connections with my clients. Through active listening and empathetic engagement, I strive to empower individuals to take ownership of their health decisions and goals. Whether discussing lifestyle changes during health assessments or providing ongoing support, integrating health coaching enhances the effectiveness of my nursing practice.

How has PREKURE’s training prepared you for real-world scenarios and challenges in health coaching?

PREKURE’s training has equipped me with the practical skills and insights necessary to navigate real-world health coaching scenarios. Through immersive coaching labs and hands-on practice, I’ve gained confidence in facilitating authentic conversations and addressing diverse client needs. Embracing the learning process, including making mistakes and learning from them, has been integral to my growth as a Health Coach.

Ben Rowley - Men's Health Coach

How has being a part of the PREKURE community enriched your personal and professional life?

It’s made me view healthcare through a whole new lens. Engaging with other health professionals and experts has deepened my understanding of preventive healthcare approaches and innovative strategies. Collaborating within this supportive community has inspired me to advocate for positive change within our healthcare system, driving towards a preventive-based model focused on holistic well-being.

What advice would you give other nurses?

I strongly advocate for all health professionals to explore health coaching as an integral part of their training and upskilling. Incorporating health coaching principles into healthcare practices can profoundly enhance patient outcomes and overall wellbeing. Regardless of your background or prior knowledge, if you possess a genuine passion for supporting others in their health journey, pursuing health coaching is the way forward.

Don’t be deterred by perceived limitations; instead, embrace the opportunity to expand your skill set and make a meaningful impact. By immersing yourself in health coaching, you’ll not only enrich your professional capabilities but also become part of a dynamic community dedicated to effecting positive change in the community.

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Ben Rowley Health Coaching supports men of all ages who are motivated and ready to make big steps towards achieving their health and wellbeing goals, to not only to survive, but thrive.


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