Burnout to Breakthrough: Sports Broadcaster’s Transformation to Master Health Coach

Q&A: Kent Johns 

Meet Kent Johns, a seasoned Health Coach dedicated to empowering men on their wellness journey. Formerly a sports broadcaster and radio producer, Kent’s transformative health experience led him to become a Master Coach with PREKURE, where he guides individuals and organisations towards optimal health.

What were you doing before you became a Health Coach?

I spent 20 years as a professional sports broadcaster and radio producer. Although passionate about my job, burnout led me to seek a new purpose.

Kent Johns

What motivated you to become a Health Coach?

My personal health journey, marked by burnout and a disregard for self-care, ignited a passion to help others. My struggle became my purpose, especially in supporting overwhelmed middle-aged men.

How are you using your coaching skills?

I use my coaching skills on myself, family, and friends, and have established a business with paying clients full-time. Additionally, I work as a contractor for various companies, focusing on individual coaching and delivering wellbeing workshops, toolbox talks and keynote wellbeing addresses at conferences.

Is there a particular aspect of health coaching that you are especially passionate about?

I’m keen on helping individuals change their behaviour to align with their desires. Witnessing stunning results when people give themselves a chance at change is incredibly fulfilling.

Kent Johns

Share a success story where your coaching made a significant impact.

Early in my coaching journey, a client completely transformed his life. He went from being overweight and down on energy and down on himself. So we tweaked his diet to eliminate sugar and starches for a couple of weeks and it all clicked into place for him after that. His energy levels rocketed, he started to exercise and he leaned into his long-lost passion for endurance training. He has since gone on to complete two Ironman races. 

Witnessing him regain control of his health and start thriving was a profoundly rewarding moment. I will never forget our third coaching session, he had a glint in his eye and an enormous smile as he didn’t think it was possible to be able to take control of his own health. Still to this day one of the best feelings I have ever had as a coach. 

How has your PREKURE training prepared you for real-world scenarios?

PREKURE’s diverse toolbox of skills has been invaluable. The ability to seamlessly switch between motivational interviewing and scientific advice caters to the unique needs of each individual.

Kent Johns

How has being a Health Coach enriched your life personally and professionally?

Seeing people achieve their best selves, knowing I played a small part, is the best part of the job. The work is richly rewarding, offering a greater appreciation for life’s differences and the privilege of positively impacting others.

What advice would you give to others considering health coaching?

Talk to established coaches, understand the reality, and commit fully. Embrace the challenges, for growth often comes from adversity. Being part of a supportive community like PREKURE is crucial for personal growth.

What does the future look like for you?

I anticipate a tipping point where everyone recognises the benefits of Health Coaching. More companies are acknowledging these benefits, and I look forward to contributing to this transformative movement.

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