It’s been a massive week in the science surrounding COVID-19 with important studies published in both the Lancet and the British Medical Journal. PreKure’s Chief Science Officer Prof Grant Schofield translates the latest studies and what they mean for you and your loved ones.

Here are the key take-aways from this video…

  • There is a substantial waning in the vaccine effectiveness, after 200 days your protection is pretty much gone, especially in the most vulnerable groups
  • Booster shots do provide extra protection but has currently only been studied for effectiveness for up to two months
  • A strong immune system is the best line of defence to fight COVID
  • Whether you are pro or anti-vaccination, your first priority should be to look after your metabolic – health and immune system
  • Ultimately nearly everyone will get COVID

We are currently in the midst of a worldwide pandemic where health is front and centre everyday, and yet we’ve never been more out of touch with our health, with our own ability to live healthy, to live with wellness. People want to be empowered about their own health and choices.

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