Empowering Health and Performance: A Journey from Physiotherapist to Health Coach – A Q&A with Kirsten Rose

In the realm of healthcare, practitioners are discovering their unique path towards a more holistic approach. Kirsten Rose, a former Physiotherapist and CrossFit coach, found herself on a transformative journey towards becoming a Health Coach. Her journey is a testament to how health coaching can bridge the gap between rehabilitation and proactive health. Read on as we explore Kirsten’s story, her expertise in workplace wellbeing, and hear about her journey from rehabilitation to health empowerment.

Q&A: Kirsten’s Journey

Meet Kirsten Rose, a Physiotherapist, PREKURE Certified Health Coach and founder of Evexia Health & Performance.

Kirsten Rose, Physiotherapist & Health Coach

What were you doing before you became a Health Coach?

Kirsten: I’ve been a Physiotherapist since 2007 and also worked as a CrossFit coach since 2018.

What motivated you to become a Health Coach?

Kirsten: As a physio, I was becoming increasingly frustrated, perhaps even a bit burned out, due to the limited emphasis on foundational health. Many of my clients had injuries alongside other health conditions, making their recovery more complex. It led me to realise that something was missing in my approach.

Through my personal experience with CrossFit, I had seen the profound impact of changing one’s nutrition and establishing a solid exercise foundation. This transformation inspired me to incorporate a lifestyle approach into my physiotherapy career, as I believed it could greatly enhance the outcomes I could deliver.

What are you doing now since graduating as a Health Coach?

Kirsten: After completing my PREKURE Health Coaching Certification, I embarked on a journey to start my own business. I quickly realised that I needed a partner to navigate this new path. A colleague of mine, who is a Health Psychologist, and I decided to combine our expertise start to work more in the prevention space than at the bottom of the cliff. This was in 2020, and since then, our business has been thriving. We design and conduct wellbeing group programs for businesses and their leaders. Our programs address the holistic nature of wellbeing and simplify the vast information available, making it easier for people to take actionable steps.

I still work as a Physio, and now, I’ve integrated lifestyle medicine knowledge and a coaching approach into my work. This has rekindled my passion for physiotherapy, which was beginning to wane.

Kirsten Rose Physiotherapist

Is there a particular aspect of health coaching that you are especially passionate about?

I’m particularly passionate about the intersection of wellbeing and performance. I’m pretty ambitious with high goals, and I’ve seen many others like me who tend to burn out because they’re pushing hard to achieve their goals without first building a strong foundation for wellbeing. I know firsthand how lifestyle practices can significantly improve performance in all aspects of life. My passion lies in helping others realise their potential in this regard.

Client Success Story:

Could you share a specific success story where your coaching has made a significant positive impact on a client’s life?

While most of my coaching is in a group setting, here’s one story that stands out: We worked with a business in the travel industry during the pandemic. Their business had been severely affected, and they were trying to retain a core group of staff. Over six weeks, we conducted all our sessions over Zoom. In their testimonial, they said, “As a tourism business, our people had been burdened with unprecedented change and uncertainty. We identified the need to build resilience and strengthen our team relationships impacted by remote working. The program completely matched our needs, focusing on practical mental and physical actions we could learn and implement. Their program has our team ‘fit’ for whatever is next.”

Kirsten Rose Health Coach

How has your PREKURE training prepared you for real-world scenarios you encounter as a Health Coach?

The coaching labs during my training were truly invaluable. When I graduated, post-graduate support was not as developed as it is now, so for a while, I felt like I was navigating uncharted waters. However, when the support network emerged, it significantly benefited me.

How has being a Health Coach enriched your life personally and professionally?

It has enriched my life in numerous ways. Going through this training inevitably leads to personal growth. In particular, I’ve been able to work on my mindset and understand my own behaviours. This has profoundly influenced how I manage my time and interact with people. If it weren’t for my journey as a Health Coach, I believe I might have left physiotherapy much earlier.

What advice would you give others considering a career or upskilling in health coaching?

Do it! It may seem like a significant commitment, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. While some physios may find the theoretical aspects of health coaching familiar, the coaching labs offered during the training are truly transformative.

What has it meant to you to be part of the PREKURE community and the movement to transform our healthcare system?

I love it. I firmly believe that success is closely linked to the people you surround yourself with, especially those who share your vision. Having PREKURE’s support while making changes in healthcare is a significant advantage.

What does the future look like for you?

The future is bright! Momentum is building in my business, and I have a much clearer idea of what I can accomplish as a health coach.

For those who want to reach out or learn more about your business, could you share your contact details?

Certainly! You can check out my business Evexia Health & Performance at www.evexia.co.nz.

Learn more about PREKURE’s Health Coach Courses and how you can turn your passion for health into a career and start on your journey to becoming a Health Coach.

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