From Personal Trainer to Holistic Health Coach – Meet Alice Rosier of The Health Consultancy

In the ever-evolving realm of health and wellness, there are those who stand out for their exceptional ability to drive change. Meet Alice Rosier, founder of The Health Consultancy, who’s forging a unique path from personal training to holistic health coaching. Her journey is nothing short of inspiring, illustrating how health coaching can be the perfect complement to a more fulfilling personal training career. Read on as Alice shares her story and insights on how she’s transformed her personal training career to better holistically support and empower her clients.

Q&A: Meet Alice Rosier 

Meet Alice Rosier, a personal trainer, PREKURE Certified Health Coach and self-employed business owner of The Health Consultancy.

Could you tell us about your background and how you transitioned into a career in health coaching?

Alice: Before I became a Health Coach, I had a successful career as a general Personal Trainer, specialising in strength conditioning. While helping clients achieve physical fitness, I realised they often needed more support than just exercise prescriptions. This led me to explore the world of holistic health coaching, where I could provide a more comprehensive approach to well-being. I strongly believe in holistic health and its power to offer sustainable better health solutions.

Alice Rosier

What motivated you to become a Health Coach?

Alice: My motivation came from witnessing my clients’ needs for a broader approach to health. It became clear that they required more than just physical training. I believe in holistic well-being, and I wanted to empower my clients with a more comprehensive service. Health coaching allowed me to guide my clients in finding their ‘why,’ which is essential for achieving sustainable better health. It’s about understanding their motivations and creating effective, long-term solutions.

Can you tell us more about what you are doing with your Health Coach Certification?

Since qualifying as a PREKURE Health Coach I now work with my clients on a deeper level. I have tailored my Coach Approach! I advise new clients to come for health coaching sessions if they enquire about personal training so I can find out how they would like to be supported. Some may just want health coaching, and others maybe just want exercise prescription, but generally, most clients will use both services to one degree or another. What this builds is a deeper relationship of trust and therefore effective support and better outcomes.

Certifications and Qualifications:

Can you share the certifications and qualifications you’ve acquired as a Health Coach?


I’m a PREKURE Certified Health Coach, which laid the foundation for my career in this field. With my PREKURE Health Coach Certification, I gained the knowledge and skills needed to effectively support my clients on their well-being journeys.

The Role of a Health Coach:

What does your role as a Health Coach entail, and how does it complement your fitness background?

Alice: My role as a Health Coach goes beyond traditional fitness training. I now work closely with clients on a deeper level, helping them find a tailored path to better health. I’ve incorporated health coaching into my services at The Health Consultancy, offering clients the choice of personal training and health coaching. This approach fosters a deep trust and ensures effective support, ultimately leading to better outcomes in their health and wellness journey.

Passion and Focus:

Is there a particular aspect of health coaching that you’re especially passionate about?

Alice: I’m incredibly passionate about the intersection of strength training, healthy nutrition, healthy body composition, and the fascinating concept of epigenetics. My mission is to help others understand the power of knowledge in making informed decisions about their health. Knowing what a healthy body composition entails is crucial. Moreover, recognising how movement and nutrition underpin physical and mental health is essential. Proactive engagement in these areas offers the best chance for long-term independence, strength, and happiness.

Alice Rosier

Client Success Story:

Could you share a specific success story where your coaching made a significant positive impact on a client’s life?

Alice: I’ve had the privilege of working with a 38-year-old client, who initially sought my guidance to improve her physical health and well-being, as well as to address some mental health and family challenges. Through a series of health coaching sessions, we identified the various areas of her life that needed balance and focus. She had faced numerous surgeries and was uncertain about her ability to exercise. With a personalised plan in place, she began her health journey, gradually increasing her confidence and strength. Although her GP initially suggested medication for high cholesterol, she chose to give her newfound knowledge of nutrition and exercise a chance to work. The results were truly remarkable:

Cholesterol: Dec ’22 – 7.6, June ’23 – 6.0, Aug ’23 – 4.4

Triglycerides: Dec ’22 – 6.9, June ’23 – 6.3, Aug ’23 – 3.8

HDL: Dec ’22 – 0.82, June ’23 – 0.92, Aug ’23 – 0.81

LDL: Dec ’22 – 3.8, June ’23 – 2.6, Aug ’23 – 2.2

Ratio: Dec ’22 – 9.3, June ’23 – 6.5, Aug ’23 – 5.4

Her journey was inspiring, and her transformation was truly profound. She also competed in a professional sports competition, achieving second place in her category, showcasing the tremendous impact of health coaching to empower sustainable change on the client’s agenda.

PREKURE Training:

How has your training with PREKURE prepared you for the real-world scenarios you encounter as a Health Coach?


My training with PREKURE was a game-changer, particularly in terms of questioning and active listening. It transformed my approach by helping me refrain from providing solutions and guiding clients to discover their own. This newfound skill set has made me a versatile coach, ready to assist my clients effectively.

Personal and Professional Enrichment:

How has being a Health Coach enriched your life personally and professionally?

Alice: Health coaching has had a profound impact on my personal life. It’s taught me to set clearer boundaries for my own well-being and apply the strategies I’ve learned to support my mental health. These skills have made me a better friend, wife, mother, coach, and personal trainer.

Advice for Aspiring Health Coaches:

What advice would you give to those considering a career in health coaching, especially if they’re coming from a similar background as yours?

Alice: I’d advise them to be patient and dedicated. Being a great health coach takes time and continuous learning. It’s crucial to have a genuine passion for the field and a deep commitment to your mission. Health coaching is an ongoing journey of self-improvement, and the same applies to your clients. Embrace the learning process and your transformation, both personally and professionally.

PREKURE Community:

What has it meant to you to be part of the PREKURE community and contribute to the transformation of our healthcare system?

Alice: Being part of the PREKURE community has been incredibly enriching. I’ve connected with like-minded individuals who share a passion for health and well-being. It’s reassuring to see others actively involved in the mission of proactive change in healthcare. Thank you, PREKURE, for the privilege of being part of this much-needed movement.

Finally, for those who want to reach out to you, could you share your contact details?

Absolutely! You can connect with The Health Consultancy at, or you can reach me at 021 436 166. Or feel free to email me at [email protected]. I’m here to help guide you on your journey to better health and well-being.

Learn more about PREKURE’s Health Coach Courses and how you can turn your passion for health into a career and start on your journey to becoming a Health Coach.

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