From Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor to Mental Fitness & Addictions Health Coach – A Journey of Healing & Hope: An Interview with Ree George

Health coaching is a powerful discipline that paves the way to holistic well-being, particularly in challenging areas such as mental health and addiction. Ree George, who boasts a background as a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, embraced the journey of a Health Coach with a focus on Mental Fitness and Addictions. Read on to learn about Ree’s inspiring story, her expertise, and her drive to reshape the landscape of mental health and addiction care. 

Q&A: Ree George’s Journey

Meet Ree George a PREKURE Certified Health Coach and Mental Health Coach specialising in mental fitness and addictions through her private practice Ree George NZ.

Ree George

What were you doing before you became a Health Coach?

Ree: I worked as a Physiotherapist and a Pilates Instructor.

What motivated you to become a Health Coach?

Ree: My motivation stemmed from disillusionment with the healthcare and mental health system. I yearned to work with the mind, not just the body. My inherent curiosity was a driving force behind my decision to explore this new path.

What are you doing now since graduating as a Mental Health Coach?

Ree: I’ve embarked on a journey to set up a private practice that focuses on Health Coaching and Mental Health Coaching, specialising in mental health and addictions. I’m also collaborating with corporates to provide wellbeing services and webinars. Furthermore, I’m part of a team of Mental Health Coaches working on establishing a Mental Health in Education focus group. As part of this initiative, I’m working within two primary schools as a Mental Health Coach. 

Is there a particular aspect of health coaching that you are especially passionate about?

Ree: I’m highly passionate about prevention in the world of mental health and addictions. I firmly believe that prevention is the cure in these domains. It’s about helping clients recognise signs and symptoms early. While also making services accessible in the mild to moderate range, so clients feel they are receiving the attention they need to address their specific agenda. My passion is to change how mental health and addiction care is provided, one client, corporate, or school at a time. It’s about creating a safe space for people to be vulnerable, work through their challenges in their unique way, and receive support and accountability from a Mental Health Coach. It’s all about offering hope.

Could you share a specific success story where your coaching has made a significant positive impact on a client’s life?

Ree: Walking alongside a 55-year-old woman over the past 12 weeks has been an incredibly rewarding journey. She was referred to me by a concerned family member who was deeply worried about the role of alcohol in her life. At the beginning, she was at the pre-contemplation stage of change. Over the weeks, we met for sessions of walking and talking at the beach with our dogs. She moved through various stages of behaviour change until she reached the preparation and action stage.

She then decided to give up alcohol, started Antabuse, and voluntarily checked herself into a private rehab clinic for a 30-day stay, as I encouraged and supported her along the way. It was the first time she felt that someone was truly on her side, listened to her, and allowed her to take control of her own journey instead of being told what to do. The ripple effect of her transformation extended to her relationships with a GP and Mental Health Nurse at the same practice. We plan to continue our journey together post-rehab, providing her with ongoing support and the space to explore and find her way with support, accountability, and the belief that she is whole, resourceful, and has the answers!

Ree George

How has your PREKURE training prepared you for the real-world scenarios you encounter as a Health Coach?

Ree: Yes, my training has prepared me to a significant extent. The more demonstrations and case studies we have access to during training, the better. Real-world examples and discussions on how Health Coaches and Mental Health Coaches function in practice are extremely beneficial. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that no training can 100% prepare us for the real world. We learn a great deal in the first few years of practice.

How has being a Health Coach enriched your life personally and professionally?

Ree: Personally, it has allowed me to expand my comfort zone, try new things, and rediscover myself as a woman, mother, and wife in a new phase of life. My journey as a Health Coach has enabled me to address some health behaviours in my own life that I wanted to improve, leading to significant personal growth. Professionally, becoming a Health Coach has empowered me to move in a different direction, build on my strengths as an innovator, connector, networker, and helper, and turn my passion and purpose into a viable business concept. The confidence and excitement of meeting like-minded individuals in the PREKURE Community have been invaluable.

What advice would you give others thinking about becoming a health coach?

Ree: I would recommend conducting thorough research, exploring the available programs, and learning more about what’s on offer. I followed the same path, and upon discovering what PREKURE had to offer, my decision to join was a no-brainer. Adding coaching to your skillset as a healthcare professional opens up new opportunities, whether you choose to stay in your current profession or embark on a full-time career as a Health Coach or Mental Health Coach.

How can people find out more about your business and get in contact with you?

You can reach out to me at Ree George NZ – or [email protected].

Learn more about PREKURE’s Health Coach Courses and how you can turn your passion for health into a career and start on your journey to becoming a Health Coach.

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