Keto Mojito

Serves 3–4 | carb count 1.0g (per serve). Recipe from What the Fat?, Schofield, Zinn & Rodger, 2017

Okay, there’s no rum in this so technically we shouldn’t call it a mojito, but we’ve got pretty close to the real deal!
This mocktail is refreshing, simple and decadent all at the same time. It totally lends itself to putting your feet up while you’re sipping away. It’s as close to the real thing as you’re going to get without the use of a sugar syrup – and if you really want to, you can add a shot of white rum!


1 litre of sparkling water
Zest of 1 lime
Juice of 3-4 limes
1 cup of mint leaves
1 cup of ice
Natvia (or equivalent sweetener) to taste

Keto mojito


1. Pour half the sparkling water into a water jug. Add the lime zest and juice, mint leaves and ice cubes. If you have decided to add white rum to this mix, this is when you would also add this into the mix.

2. Mix and lightly crush the ingredients with the handle-end of a wooden spoon or cocktail muddler. Add your Natvia (or equivalent sweetener) to taste.

3. Pour the remaining water into the jug, mix well and pour into glasses, garnishing each with a sprig of mint.

Cheers to that!

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