Revitalising Lives: Amanda Balcombe’s Journey to Mental Wellness Mastery with Still Wellness

Q&A: Amanda Balcombe – Founder of Still Wellness

Amanda Balcombe, a former Financial Adviser with a 17-year career, transformed her life by becoming a Health Coach, focusing on Mental Health. Motivated by personal burnout, Amanda shares her passion for wellbeing and the journey that led her to establish her own business ‘Still Wellness’.

What Were You Doing Before You Became a Health Coach?

I had a fulfilling 17-year career as a Financial Adviser, specialising in guiding clients through their retirement journey. While I loved my role, a growing interest in health and wellbeing led me to reevaluate my career path.

What Motivated You to Become a Health Coach?

Experiencing burnout in 2021 prompted a deep reflection on my life. Through my journey to restore my own wellbeing, I discovered a new purpose — to help others, especially high-achieving professionals, find balance and vitality in their fast-paced lives.

Amanda Balcombe - Mental Health Coach

What Are You Doing Now Since Graduating as a Health and Mental Health Coach?

I’ve established ‘Still Wellness’, focusing on stress, burnout, and mental wellbeing. My client base extends to my local community and virtually with clients across New Zealand and Australia. I also work in the corporate space presenting seminars and collaborating with a company using data and health coaching for improved employee wellbeing. Recently, I presented a keynote on the topic of Burnout. I also work as an Assistant Coach on the PREKURE faculty.

Is There a Particular Aspect of Health Coaching That You Are Especially Passionate About?

I’m deeply passionate about supporting women to prioritise their physical and mental health and helping them to achieve a better work/life balance. Witnessing clients build a positive and resilient mindset and a new belief in themselves of what is possible for their health, wellbeing and the life they want, brings immense joy. I also emphasise creating awareness amongst corporate clients about burnout to reduce stigma and promote prevention.

Can You Share a Specific Success Story Where Your Coaching Has Made a Significant Positive Impact on a Client’s Life?

One female client in her 40s was initially burnt out and overwhelmed with two businesses. She had no boundaries with work and her personal life, and felt a lot of guilt if she was to take time out for herself. Over time implementing new habits around nutrition, movement and sleep, helped her regain energy and confidence.

We also worked on negative thoughts and mindset using ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) tools and this helped her to build a more positive and resilient mindset. I loved seeing her at each session, happy and smiling, letting go of guilt and giving herself permission for self-care “I’m the happiest I’ve been within myself and have gained more confidence on what I want in my life and what I don’t want in my life”. Seeing clients move forward and create positive change is so rewarding.

Amanda Balcombe - Mental Health Coach

As a Health Coach, What Challenges Have You Faced?

Starting my own business posed typical challenges, especially as a solopreneur. Overcoming visibility hurdles required using health coaching tools from ACT, and building a support network was crucial. Connecting with fellow health coaches in the PREKURE community provided valuable insights.

How Has Your PREKURE Training Prepared You for Real-World Scenarios You Encounter as a Health Coach?

PREKURE’s training equipped me with a solid foundation in coaching skills and evidence-based science. The coaching labs were invaluable, and ongoing post-graduate support, especially in mental health, has been vital for continued learning in real-world scenarios.

How Has Being a Health Coach Enriched Your Life Personally and Professionally?

Becoming a Health Coach facilitated my personal growth and improved my parenting skills. Professionally, it offered a new sense of purpose and fulfilment. It pushed me out of my comfort zone which is so important for me to keep learning, growing and evolving professionally. I feel excited and passionate about my new career path and about the opportunities to make a significant difference in achieving better health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals, organisations and communities.

Amanda Balcombe - Mental Health Coach

What Advice Would You Give Others Coming From a Similar Background as Yours, Considering a Career/Upskilling in Health Coaching?

If you’re passionate about health and wellbeing, go for it! Your existing skill set can complement health coaching more than you might think. Embrace the learning journey and trust that your experience will be a valuable asset.

What Has It Meant to You, Being Part of PREKURE Community and the Movement to Transform Our Healthcare System?

Being part of the PREKURE community has been the highlight of my journey.  I have met so many wonderful people who have been so generous with their time and sharing of knowledge and ideas. This support is invaluable. It’s also exciting to be a part of an emerging profession and PREKURE have created an amazing community where we are creating a positive impact on individuals, organisations, and communities.

What Does the Future Look Like for You?

Exciting! Still Wellness is gaining momentum, and I’ve experienced so many diverse opportunities which has allowed me to try different things to see what I am passionate about. I can’t wait to explore the expanding possibilities in my health coaching career.

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